Kamalaya Koh Samui Founders

Karina Stewart & John Stewart; and Managing Partner, Marc A. Cornaz
Kamalaya is an expression of John and Karina Stewart's life experiences and their desire to serve and inspire others. The idea for Kamalaya was inspired by the 16 years John spent devoted to a life of service and spiritual studies in a Himalayan community and Karina's 22 years in the study and practice of diverse Asian healing and spiritual traditions, including her background as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Intrigued by their vision and inspired by their commitment to creating a new business paradigm, Marc A. Cornaz joined John and Karina in 2003, his hospitality management background providing fullness to the team. All three remain an integral part of Kamalaya's evolution. Karina is the creative force behind Kamalaya's integral health programs and the inspiration for its ongoing evolution. John continues to guide the development of Kamalaya's vision and services in his role as Chairman, while Marc ensures that the original vision is delivered with authenticity, integrity and quality.