The foundation of good health begins with the food you eat, which is why healthful nutrition is such an integral part of the your holistic healing journey here at Kamalaya. 

At Kamalaya we have created a colorful healthy menu that us based on principles derived from the ancient healing traditions of China and India, combined with current medical research. In line with that we understand that food is most healing when it is close to its original state using fresh, seasonal and organic produce, avoiding processed foods, additives and preservatives altogether. Our cooking methods are gentle in order to preserve the wealth of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that provide pure sources of natural medicine, vital for optimal health.


Sanskrit for 'divine nectar', Amrita Café offers informal dining nestled amidst lotus ponds adjacent the swimming pools.

The sound of running water with private dining salas and intimate alcoves overlooking the beach creates a serene venue for fresh juices, inspired salads, and vegetarian dishes. A barbeque for freshly grilled fish, poultry, meats and vegetables is an added feature, along with the special detox menu.
A serene spot for savouring appetisers, desserts, juices, herbal infusions, a wide range of teas, wines, and elixirs based on Taoist and Thai herbal blends.

Located above the Soma Restaurant, with idyllic panoramic views Alchemy is the perfect place to watch the sun set each day.
Breakfast & Dinner

In Vedic tradition, Soma is the food of the gods and the reasons for their godliness. It is with similar love and passion that your every meal at Soma Restaurant is prepared, so that you can be restored and nourished by the goodness of our healthful cuisine.

Soma is close to to the main facilities and overlooks Kamalaya's valley, offering spectacular views of the coast. Intimate tables are arranged throughout the two level venue, in addition to a Community Table where guests may dine together.

“When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need.”

– Ayurvedic Proverb


Healthy Cuisine to Your Doorstep

Experience healthy delights in the comfort of your home. This curated menu has been carefully prepared by our chef with the highest level of hygiene & safety. Featuring well-loved healthy classics from Amrita, it also has a selection of Thai delights, Bento boxes and protein side-dishes.

Healthy vegeterian cuisine Thailand



At Kamalaya, guests are guided and supported to make healthy lifestyle choices, but there are no strict rules and nothing is forced. All guests enjoy the flexibility to co-create their own experience. Alongside with sweet treats such as chocolate mousse we also offer a selection of fine wines with health properties and low alcohol content. We do not provide calorie information. Instead we advocate a well informed and sensible approach to wellness with healthy eating principles.


Foods are served close to their natural state, using high quality, fresh and organic ingredients, avoiding processing, additives and preservatives altogether. In order to preserve the wealth of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, our cooking methods are gentle, including baking, steaming, grill, sauté and stir-fry. Fresh herbs and spices are used abundantly for taste, health and medicinal properties.


At Kamalaya, stevia is the sweetener of choice, while palm sugar and unrefined brown sugar may be used occasionally in low quantities for some desserts. Salts and healthy fats are used in moderation. We use sea salt and other high quality salts such as Himalayan and gomasio (unhulled sesame seeds). Some dishes are prepared with healthy cold-pressed oils – such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, rice, sesame, sunflower and other virgin nut and seed oils. Unhealthy trans-fats and saturated fats are avoided completely. The Kamalaya Cuisine includes only a few dairy choices, with goat yoghurt, goat cheese, and nut and seed milks as healthy alternatives.


The Kamalaya detox cuisine is a vegan, low inflammatory, low allergenic and low glycaemic nutrition concept that was carefully designed to minimize toxic intake, reduce the load on the digestive system and provide key nutrients to enhance cellular metabolism during our detoxification programs. Delicious and satisfactory dishes were created to dispel the myth that ridding your body of toxins means depriving yourself of sensory pleasure. At Kamalaya detox doesn’t mean fasting, our approach is to nourish and nurture our guests through the detoxification process. Also practiced by itself, outside of a detoxification program framework, Kamalaya’s detox cuisine supports the optimum functions of the body on a cellular level and facilitates healing and vibrant health.

Miang Kham


Although most of our dishes are plant-based, the Kamalaya menu also includes healthy and delicious fish and meat options. Guests can choose from high-quality fish such as salmon or cod as well as low fat but high protein meats such as ostrich, chicken, or lamb.

Healthy Non Vegeterian Dish


Since Kamalaya strongly believes in the natural health benefits of tea, guests can choose from a broad selection including traditional Asian teas like green, oolong or puh-er tea, and black teas as well as rooibos and Kamalaya’s very own herbal and flower blends. Tea contains a large number of phytochemicals, bioactive chemicals, including flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins, and polysaccharides, as well as caffeine, which have been investigated and found to have a variety of health benefits. Some of these include cancer protection and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Kamalaya also created a large menu of fresh juices, coolers and smoothies that are rich in vitamins and nutrients and customized for different health programs.