People at Kamalaya

The People at Kamalaya

Genuine, Sincere & Full of Good Intentions

Breathtaking landscapes, serene spaces, healing therapies and simplistic luxury are supported by a service style that is relaxed, informal and full of heart and good intention.

Service at Kamalaya is guided by heart. It is refreshingly genuine, sincere and full of good intention. Your hosts will tend to your needs with warmth, openess and a sometimes playful easiness. An eclectic mix of personalities and nationalities, your hosts share a common desire to make your feel comfortable, relaxed and well cared for.  

Uninhibited by rigid service scripts, your Kamalaya hosts are able to connect with you in a natural and spontaneous way.

Essentially, the Kamalaya team concept is about the collective spirit of the group and how together we can enrich, inspire and support each other as well as the guests who visit.

"If I would have known how many pure smiles, loving eyes and helping hands I'll be meeting here, I would have brought 10 kilos of finest Swiss chocolate. I'd like to thank you in a thousand ways for all your attention, politeness and care. Once can call it professional duty, but when professional and natural behaviour is melting together to that loving energy, which is represented and cultivated here on this place, it is also a gift of mercy. During these last 10 days I was closely in touch with all; the beauty of nature, architecture and gardens, the structure of my wellness program, the reception in general and at the restaurants - and continuously present in the loving energy emanating from servants, secretaries, therapists, gardeners and all of you. All this was offering me enough security and at the same time freedom and space to be re-connected to the 'depth of breath'. This cannot be paid in money but just be gratefully accepted."
Anna Mathisen