Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort

Kamalaya Koh Samui is a wellness retreat located amid the tropical coastline of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Centred around a cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, Kamalaya's essence is expressed in its name, 'Lotus (kamal) Realm (alaya)', an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit.

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Bringing Kamalaya to You With Live Online Content Streams

Take a step towards a calmer, healthier state of mind, body and spirit during these challenging times with our live online content streams.

You can experience a taste of Kamalaya at home by joining our guided meditations, fitness sessions, nutritional advice, cooking ideas and other holistic classes from our expert wellness team at Kamalaya.

Upcoming live sessions:

On Facebook & Instagram | 15:30hrs Koh Samui time (+7 GMT)


Monday 6th April

With Life Enhancement Mentor, Sujay Seshadri


Wednesday 8th April


With Life Enhancement Mentor, Rajesh Ramani


Friday 10th April


With Life Enhancement Mentor, Smitha Jayakumar

Pranayamic Breathing & Vipassana Meditation

Take an inner journey towards a calmer state of mind with this guided meditation led by Life Enhancement Mentor Smitha Jayakumar at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary in Koh Samui.


Duration: 28 minutes of meditation

Recorded live on: 3rd April 2020

Pranayamic Breathing and Mindfulness Meditation

Kamalaya Life Enhancement Mentor Rajesh Ramani is your guide for this Pranayama session and mindfulness-based meditation which will help you to rebalance and calm your busy mind.


Duration: 25 minutes of meditation

Recorded live on: 1st April 2020

Pranayamic Breathing & Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This guided Pranayama and meditation practice uses creative visualisation and breathing techniques to help you reach a deep state of calm and relaxation.


Duration: 30 minutes of meditation

Recorded live on: 30th March 2020


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Explore our wellness programs to match your health goals starting from stress management, weight control, detox, sleep enhancement, improving body posture, emotional balance and yoga. If you are looking for a more personalised wellness experience, our team of international naturopaths can work with you to create your own health program from our extensive range of holistic medicine, spa and healing therapies.

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15 Minutes of Guided Meditation

When we are too busy, the world can sometimes feel like it is spinning too fast. Take a moment to download this complimentary guided audio meditation with our Life Enhancement Mentor Sujay Seshadri to begin feeling calmer this season.

Enriched Gut - New Wellness Program

Imbalances in the levels of bacteria and microflora in the gut, as well as poor digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination, can weaken the immune system and lead to inflammatory diseases.

Garden Pool Suite

With a large, spacious interior the Garden Pool Suite boasts its own private pool within a serene garden overlooking stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand and its outlying islands.

Kamalaya's Approach to Wellness

This brief introduction to Kamalaya’s holistic wellness programs, retreats, treatments and therapies will help guide you on your journey to wellbeing.