Meditation & Mindfulness

The mind is a powerful thing and, untrained, is a slave to both emotion and habit.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can enhance our health and wellbeing on many different levels. However, it is a common misconception that meditation is something which is beyond our reach or requires a special skill that we do not possess or cannot learn. In reality, we can all learn and enjoy the benefits of meditation and mindfulness if we set realistic goals for our practice.

In its most elemental form, meditation is where we consciously ‘watch’ what is happening internally whilst remaining in a state of deep relaxation. Essentially, we are observing the thoughts and feelings that arise, without adding any attachment or judgement. Some people may think of meditation as a vehicle that can transport them to another place. But the goal of meditation is not a destination; it is through the practice itself that the benefits will manifest. Find a form of meditation that resonates with you and practice in your own time, even if you only have five or ten minutes per day. With regular practice, you will begin to feel the benefits to your health and wellbeing and gradually find yourself better placed to manage some of the challenges of daily life.

How to Control Anxiety

Kamalaya Life Enhancement Mentor, River Thomson demonstrates a simple meditation exercise that anyone can practice to decrease stress and anxiety within just a few minutes.

Meditation Practice Tips

Try these simple suggestions to cultivate your meditation practice at home. There is no need to feel discouraged if you don’t have special cushions or meditation music nearby; these can certainly help but are not essential.

  • Start with a simple type of meditation which appeals to you
  • Choose a comfortable posture with your back straight
  • Be relaxed; be still; be aware of what is happening in and around you
  • Bring your focus to an object of attention (a sound, image, mantra, breath, body etc.)
  • Focus on this object for 3-4 minutes and then rest for a few minutes
  • Repeat this cycle of focus and rest a few times
  • Don’t attempt to control or empty the mind
  • If the mind wanders, simply return your focus to the object with a gentle smile

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