Delicious Detox Cuisine at Kamalaya

Koh Samui’s Healthy Inspired Cuisine

Some of the oldest Asian healing philosophies, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, have always looked to food as the medicine of choice. At Kamalaya, we combine this philosophy with current medical research to take a more informed and precise approach to healing with food.

Kamalaya offers artful and inspired cuisine that is healing in function and tantalising in form. Merging culinary traditions of East and West and using fresh, tropical and, where possible, organic produce, the menus include extensive vegetarian options as well as seafood, poultry and lamb dishes. The food changes with the seasons, as it should, and different months bring different delights. Fresh juices, signature tonics and herbal teas are bursting with nutrients, medicinal properties and taste-bud tempting goodness, and the delicious Detox Cuisine, which features only low inflammatory, low allergenic and low GI vegetarian dishes, dispels the myth that ridding your body of toxins means depriving yourself of sensory pleasure.

"The Food at Kamalaya is out of this world. Every lunch, every dinner tastes wonderful and is presented visually enjoyable. I would give a Michelin star to the Kamalaya food, to both detox and non detox."
Ms. Satu Wrede

A vital wellness ingredient

Because food is an essential part of our daily life, it is the perfect vehicle to provide the support necessary for enhanced vitality and optimal health. All holistic medical traditions have regarded food as the "first medicine".

Co-created by Karina Stewart, Kamalaya Co-founder and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Executive Chef Kai Mueller, Kamalaya Cuisine plays a vital role in our integral wellness concept. The menus are influenced by Karina's wealth of knowledge in functional medicine and cellular detoxification, and brought to vibrant life through Kai's passion for using local ingredients and cooking methods in healthy and innovative ways.

Kamalaya Cuisine reflects our philosophy of healthy living and the celebration of different cultures, featuring fresh and healthy dishes with enough sumptuous twist to satisfy the most discerning gourmet palates. It all begins with ingredients – fresh, healthy and nutrient-rich, because you can't take energy from food which has none to give. Fresh herbs and spices are used generously to add flavour and enhance the medicinal value, and foods are served close to their natural state, with healthy cooking methods and no microwaves, processed foods or additives.

Our menus include a selection of nutritious "raw food' dishes, incorporating simple interpretations such as salads as well as lightly fermented foods with high enzyme content. Kamalaya Cuisine is not exclusively "raw food', as appropriately cooked foods have highly digestible nutrition value whereas "raw food' can be difficult for some individuals to digest.

Kamalaya Cuisine embodies a sensible approach to dining that aims to educate and inspire guests to develop a more thoughtful and enriching relationship with food.
Our menus include a small sampling of "indulge' dishes to simulate the "real' world and teach our guests the principles of balance and moderation. Our philosophy is pragmatic and realistic and seeks to inspire rather than dictate, and Chef Kai Muller's masterful interpretation of food as medicine serves up health with generous helpings of culinary flair.

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Dining Facilities

Soma Restaurant

Sanskrit for 'food of the gods', Soma is close to the main facilities and overlooks Kamalaya valley, offering spectacular views of the coast and outlying islands. Intimate tables are arranged throughout the spacious room, in addition to a 'community table' where guests may unite for dining. The seating capacity of Soma Restaurant is 90 persons.

Special daily menus in addition to à  la carte items include tantalising salads and raw food preparations, delectable vegetarian dishes, with fresh fish, seafood, poultry and lamb options. Selected wines and desserts are available, as well as customised dishes for those undertaking a Kamalaya Detox program or with other dietary requirements.

Soma is open every day for breakfast and dinner.

Amrita Cafe

Sanskrit for 'divine nectar', Amrita Café offers informal dining nestled amidst lotus ponds adjacent the swimming pools. The sound of running water with private dining salas and intimate alcoves overlooking the beach creates a serene venue for fresh juices, inspired salads, and vegetarian dishes. A barbeque for freshly grilled fish, poultry, meats and vegetables is an added feature, along with the special detox menu.

Amrita is open for lunch every day.

The Alchemy Tea Lounge

The Alchemy Bar is located above Soma Restaurant, overlooking Kamalaya and the coastline. A serene spot for savouring appetisers, desserts, juices, herbal infusions, a wide range of teas, wines, and elixirs based on Taoist and Thai herbal blends.

Principles of Kamalaya Cuisine

Creative and inspired recipes drawing from diverse culinary traditions to entice and appeal to all of our senses.

Emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients and organic wherever possible.

Foods are served close to their natural state, without processing, additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings, food colouring or MSG.

Fresh herbs and spices are used abundantly for taste, health and medicinal properties.

Cooking methods are designed to enhance flavours and well as support vibrant health. For example, bake, steam, grill, sauté  and stir fry. No microwaves are used and no food is deep fried or over cooked.

Low sugar. Palm sugar and unrefined brown sugar may be used occasionally for some deserts or special cuisine.

Low sodium. Some dishes use sea salt and other high quality salts such as Himalayan and gomasio.

Low fat. Only healthy, cold-pressed oils – such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, rice, sesame, sunflower and other virgin nut and seed oils - are used in moderation. Unhealthy trans-fats and saturated fats are avoided completely.

Detox Cuisine features only low allergenic, low inflammatory, low glycaemic, vegetarian dishes.

Thai food is flavourful and authentic but adheres to the Kamalaya Cuisine guiding principles.

Menus incorporate fresh juices, including plenty of green juice options, and herbal teas and tonics that promote healing.

No pork or beef in respect of major religious traditions in Asia. Additionally, this has health benefits by avoiding high fat meats in favour of less fatty high protein meats.

Low dairy – goat's yoghurt and goat's cheese used as healthy alternatives.

Avoid sprouted foods such as alfalfa sprouts. Some grains and seeds are sprouted for use in raw food dishes, however these are served fresh and never stored.

We do not provide calorie information. Instead we advocate a sensible approach to wellness with healthy cuisine principles.