Koh Samui has been very lucky during the past couple of years with COVID-19 cases well contained and under control, recording sporadic single to double digit cases from the beginning of the pandemic to date. This allowed Kamalaya to remain open throughout this period of time, providing a safe haven for our guests. It gave us the opportunity to sensitively adapt to the changing requirements of the situation as it has unfolded, and to implement the highest precautionary measures. Having already been working with newly developed health and safety protocols since March 2020, our team is well-practiced and our operations are stringently safe, allowing you full peace of mind as you disconnect from the pressures of the outside world and reconnect deeply within.

Steps we took to protect your safety, freedom and peace of mind:

  • As always, you have access to the care of an in-house medical doctor, a team of medical nurses as well as a broad scope of holistic therapists such as naturopaths, Chinese Medicine Doctors, ayurvedic therapists, physiotherapists, personal trainers.
  • We understand there is currently a greater need to stay connected with family, friends and businesses, therefore there is complimentary WiFi available in your room for the duration of your stay.
  • Increased thorough deep cleaning practices introduced as a matter of course.
  • Daily body temperature scan for all hosts and guests.
  • All Kamalaya hosts are fully vaccinated, while over 70% of Koh Samui’s population is also fully vaccinated.


As a Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa, we understand the vital importance of always keeping our guests safe. We work closely with government health departments, as well as the Tourism Authority of Thailand to remain up to date with the official COVID-19 safety regulations. Kamalaya is now a holder of the ‘Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration Certificate’ (SHA+) which recognizes hotels that strictly follow the hygiene, health and cleanliness standards issued by the Ministry of Public Health to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


For fully vaccinated travelers, the borders are open as of July 2021. From October 2021 Samui Sandbox was also implemented, this means that guests can travel directly to Koh Samui and come to Kamalaya from day one without the need to quarantine.

On November 1, 2021, Thailand opened its border for fully vaccinated travelers from 63 approved destinations via Test & GO program. Now, fully vaccinated international visitors coming from these countries can arrive anywhere in Thailand without quarantine.

For non-vaccinated travelers a 10-days quarantine in an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel is a must. Anyone can travel into Thailand with a 30–60-day tourist visa (and a flexible option to extend it further without having to leave Thailand) upon presenting a negative RT-PCR test certificate.

To help you better understand how your travel agenda may look like, please download this sample itinerary:

Coming to Kamalaya itinerary


Please see the answers below to some of our most asked questions and kindly note they are subject to change if government regulations are updated.

Fully vaccinated visitors can travel to Samui, COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate must be presented upon arrival along with a negative RT-PCR test result. The vaccination should be approved by Thailand, in case of cross vaccination both the vaccines must be from the approved manufacturer and the interval between the vaccines should be as instructed by the first dose of vaccine. Unvaccinated children ages 12-18 years old and below can enter Samui if they have a negative RT-PCR test result.

Visitors must present COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate and a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72-hours prior to arrival. The Certificate of Entry (COE) has now been replaced by an online application through Thailand Pass System, and should be processed before applying for the visa. RT-PCR test will also have to be taken on arrival at the airport and on day 5-6 an ATK test is accepted, both are at the expense of the traveler and cost THB 2,200 per person. The tests should be booked and paid prior to traveling to Thailand. Additionally, foreign tourists travelling to Thailand will need to download the COVID-19 contact tracking mobile application ‘ThailandPlus’ before arriving in Thailand and use it throughout their stay. The application will notify travelers if they have been in close contact with any confirmed cases.

All travelers are required to have 1 mandatory RT-PCR test and 1 ATK test during their stay in Thailand at their own expense. The tests must be paid in advance prior to traveling to Thailand, the charge is 2,200 THB for both tests per person.

Kamalaya is not an ALQ hotel, but we are an SHA+ hotel. Which means that visitors will be able to stay at Kamalaya with an ease of movement and no need to quarantine from the first day of arrival.

No, visitors can stay in SHA+ (Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration) hotels as part of ongoing efforts to raise safety standards in tourism industry during COVID-19.  You are required to stay on the island of Samui for 7 days if travelling via Samui Sandbox; Test & GO travelers are required to stay in SHA+ hotel only for 1 night while waiting for their RT-PCR test results. After your second ATK test results you can travel anywhere in Thailand. All hotels must be booked prior to traveling to Thailand, so if you are planning to move from one hotel to another, it must be booked before arrival.

Yes, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic our team of wellness experts have worked on creating a new wellness Resilience and Immunity program that addresses health concerns, stress related anxieties, optimal immunity, and post-viral fatigue. The program is a holistic approach that will help dealing with all these issues in its entirety from the subtle roots in our heart and mind, to the most tangible physical aspects of health.

To find out more about this program, please visit

Yes, you can move around and enjoy various touristic attractions and activities as long as you are using the ‘ThailandPlus’ tracking application.

Yes, there are plenty of restaurants and bars open in Samui. Shopping centers, walking streets, cinema, department stores, supermarkets are all open.

Yes, there are over 170 venues operating under Vaccine Green Zone license in Samui that are allowed to serve alcohol. Kamalaya is one of them.

At the time of writing, it is after 7 days in Samui Sandbox that visitors will be able to travel to other destinations in Thailand or after 1 night for those coming from 63 approved destination via Test & GO model. RT-PCR & ATK test results and COVID-19 Vaccinations Certificate must be presented at checking points to your next destination.

Yes, but all flights must be booked prior to arriving in Thailand.

Non-vaccinated international visitors currently must quarantine upon arrival in Thailand by booking a hotel which has been designated as an ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) facility. Most of these hotels are currently located in Bangkok and the quarantine period at the time of writing is 10 days. Please check with your travel agent or airline for the most up to date information as these requirements are subject to change. International visitors also must provide certain medical certifications prior to being permitted to travel to Thailand and undergo symptom checks upon arrival.

If you are not displaying any symptoms, you do not need to self-quarantine during your stay at Kamalaya. This is because you will already have had to pass state quarantine requirements upon arrival in Thailand if you are not vaccinated. All international visitors are also screened for COVID-19 and their medical certification documents are checked before being permitted to enter Thailand.

For vaccinated travelers there are no travel restrictions, vaccination certificate or vaccine QR code must be presented. Non-vaccinated travelers should have negative RT-PCR test prior to travelling.

  • We carefully wipe all luggage with anti-viral products before loading it into hotel vehicles.
  • All staff wear masks, while guests are strongly encouraged to wear masks.
  • We provide a medical assessment upon arrival. This includes a thermal body temperature check, a recent travel history questionnaire and the first of two optional COVID-19 rapid antibody tests.
  • Our registered nurses conduct daily temperature and symptom check for each guest.
  • We have an onsite medical doctor and nursing team available to assist guests at any stage.
  • All key cards, pens, telephones, surfaces, facilities, rooms, public areas, treatment rooms and resort vehicles are sanitized, deep cleaned, or replaced following each use with anti-viral products.
  • We provide alcohol hand sanitizer stations throughout the resort.
  • All meals are served on an a la carte basis (instead of a buffet) to avoid potential cross exposure.
  • Health and safety protocols and procedures are in place to ensure optimal hygiene levels are maintained at every touchpoint throughout the guest experience.
  • We care deeply about the safety of our staff and provide them with health insurance cover.
  • Twice-daily temperature and symptom checks for staff are conducted before they enter and exit the property. We also do the same for all outside suppliers and service providers.
  • Hosts follow Kamalaya’s strict health and hygiene protocols and government safety regulations.
  • COVID-19 rapid-antibody testing is made available for all our team.
  • All hosts are empowered to immediately self-quarantine at home if they feel unwell in any way. 
  • We have an approval system in place for staff who need to travel outside of the island. 

Yes, all hosts and staff working at Kamalaya are fully vaccinated.

Yes, especially the islands under sandbox programs have undergone an extensive vaccination practice. Where over 70% of the total population in Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao have been fully vaccinated.