Guest Experience

The intention for transformation is heard on every level. Staff, treatments, nature healings and the mountain on which Kamalaya is build seem to breathe in all the energy that we let go. Thank you
Ms. Walthera Beelaerts, Netherlands. February 2017

This place is magical. The vibe, the staff, surrounding, landscape is just amazing. Good energy in every little inch. Thank you Kamalaya for having me feel this beauty.
Ms. Christina Braun, Germany. February 2017

I simply don’t have enough superlatives to describe my Kamalaya experience. No wonder Thailand is known as the land of smiles-smiles not only on the faces of every member of staff but on the faces of every guest too
Ms. Rachel Munro, UK. January 2017

Kamalaya gave me a life changing experience. There’s something so special about the place and people that truly helps you change from within to be better in all aspects, mental and health wise
Ms. Rania Fahmy, Egypt. January 2017

The Kamalaya effect is sublime. Every detail has been considered and a truly authentic wellness philosophy underpins the entire resort. A profound experience. A wellness destination created from the heart. Thank you
Ms. Sonja Sorich, Australia. December 2016

Kamalaya restores your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It’s the real deal. Nowhere comes close. Very very special place and people. Thank you for the transformation.
Ms. Christina Mills, UK. December 2016

My mentor has not only helped me understand what happened (that caused stress), but also given me framework and tools to live a peaceful and fulfilling life going forward. I came to Kamalaya to heal, but I left feeling more than that after a week of Embracing Change Program.
Mrs. Christine Mitchell, US. November 2016

My stay at Kamalaya was beyond my expectations! I came here to have a break, not really searching for anything. In fact, I was in quite a good space. But in one short week my outlook on life transformed and my mind opened to a place I didn’t know existed. Mind blown!
Ms. Theresa Volarevic, Australia. November 2016

We travel all over the world, staying in the many incredible places yet it is not possible to find the place like Kamalaya! Everything so perfect and peaceful.
Mrs. Kaoru Bannister, Japan. October 2016

Kamalaya is unique and this is the best holiday I have ever had for returning my body, mind and soul. I felt very fortunate to have experienced your care and attention and will return.
Mrs. Deidre Garvey, UK. October 2016

I didn’t know what to expect coming alone but I fell more welcome than I could have imagine. Relaxed but looked after every step of the way. This experience has been life changing in many ways. Thank you
Ms. Lotte Jones, UK. September 2016

Already on my first day I knew I had arrived somewhere very special. Words cannot describe Kamalaya nor the love commitment you feel in every person who works here. It is a miracle. Thank you
Ms. Natalie Chee, Germany. September 2016

Kamalaya would have to be the best health retreat in the world! If you are looking to transform yourself, Kamalaya is the place to set you on a journey that will change your life for the better.
Mr. Murray Brewer, Australia. August 2016

Kamalaya is heaven on earth and the staffs are one by one angle. The best gift you can give yourself is to come here and feel, see, smell, hear the beauty of “All”
Ms. Martine Vermeiren, Netherlands. August 2016

Kamalaya is a wonderful gift you can offer to yourself. The holistic approach enables you to learn something new about you. You’re feeling not only relaxed and joyful when leaving, but also fulfilled with strong positive vibrations! Thank you so much to all staff members for this wonderful experience!
Ms. Maria Senegas, France. July 2016

Kamalaya is an awakening of the senses luxurious pampering, exquisite food, countless shades of green in the lush gardens, the constant sound of nature with rock pools and waterfalls helping to see the soul, but this is nothing without the caring, nurturing ever smiling staff that truly make a stay at Kamalaya just so special. Thank for kick starting the next chapter of my life.
Ms. Brigid Avery, Australia. July 2016

I have been here five times and I will always come back to Kamalaya, for its unique and preserved approach to make each person feel respected, this in a paradisiac environment. Bravo!
Mrs. Fabienne Ciss, Switzerland. June 2016

Arriving with the intention to lose weight, I realized in Kamalaya that being healthy is so much more than just weight loss. It's a way of life encompassing the mind, the body, and the spirit.
Kaxim Hefzy, Egypt. May 2016

An unusual, unique and successful mix of luxury, 360 holistic environment and beach to tree-top setting, which simply does not exist in Europe and because of the amazing staff, could not.
Timothy Santini, Great Britain. May 2016

I am between jobs and wanted to clear my head and set new patterns that will help me to be the happiest, healthiest person I can be. Kamalaya delivered on all levels.
Claire Tedeschi, Australia. April 2016

Kamalaya answered all I could hope for during my stay, from an energising start each morning with yoga in one of the Pavilions, to relaxing by the pool for an hour or two, learning new meditation techniques, taking a Thai cooking class, sailing and snorkeling on the Naga, enjoying an art class, doing a workout in the gym, unwinding with a massage or three, minimal use of mobile phone and looking after my mind, body and soul. 
Deb Winfield, Australia. April 2016

Outstanding service, everything done with a smile. The staff knows what you want before you do! Add that to a spectacular setting and a well created Fitness program and beautiful food and you have a package that makes me not want to leave.
Christopher Pocock, Australia. March 2016

Kamalaya provided me with the peace and quiet I needed to calm my mind and open my heart to a new experience. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and warmth of each single member of the staff and quickly felt at home and totally at ease.
Noemi Bausch, Luxembourg. March 2016

I feel grateful for the six days I spent in this incredible place. Body, mind, and soul are renovated, I have so much energy and balance is back to my life. Kob Khun Ka
Fabiana Da Silva Tessele, UK. February 2016

Eight times at Kamalaya and it’s as wonderful and beautiful as ever. I just never want to leave. Such an amazing place
Suzanne Rowles, UK. February 2016

A part of me stays at Kamalaya each time I leave, but when I do leave, I leave with more than which I came with. The sense of balance, calm and fulfillment is over welcoming at Kamalaya.
Jenny O Callaghan, Australia. January 2016

At Kamalaya you live life with love and laughter from your soul. Kamalaya staff have warm hearts, are beautiful inside out, radiate love for guests and have a genuine care for my health, wellbeing and getting to know me.
Carole & Teresa Barnes, UK. January 2016

Exceeded my expectation. All going home with renewed optimism and fresh perspectives of life. Words cannot express my gratitude to the Kamalaya team
Britta Mettler, Switzerland. December 2015

This is way more than just a spa. It’s a whole new level of tailored treatments for mind and body in a spectacular environment. Kamalaya can truly transform you in just a few days
Christina Mills, UK. December 2015

Kamalaya gives you the wisdom of life, the liveliness and care of people and the beauty of nature is perfect harmony. It’s calming, healing and uplifting. Thank you again the third time!
Eva Virag, Hungary. December 2015

This is the place to focus on yourself and return fulfilled with love, care and energy. The right time is “NOW” Thank you all!!
Oda van der Maat, Netherlands. November 2015

I came to Kamalaya not quite knowing what to expect. I left relaxed, renewed and aware with a better understanding of myself.
Joseph Broda, US. October 2015

The best experience in hospitality I have ever encountered. It’s like a sacred safe little heaven, that gets its atmosphere from the landscape and the Buddhist cave and the heart of its people.
Judy Blessing, Germany. October 2015

A dream setting, gorgeous helpful staff, so polite! Adopt a healthy lifestyle and knowledge how to maintain it. This is no boot camp, but you will still achieve the results you want.
Bernadette Anniss, Australia. September 2015

Kamalaya is not your ordinary resort. It is a resort which eleganthy and naturally puts you at ease and focuses your mind on a happy state.
Tai Ruan Chiang, Hong Kong. September 2015

Kamalaya has been the perfect setting to rediscover my full potential and purpose. It has made me regain my passion for life and help me to find balance of my body , mind and spirit. 
Dr. Khazmira Bashah, Australia. August 2015

I would recommend Kamalaya to anyone. It was absolutely fantastic. Living in the fast paced world that we do today, it is the perfect place for some quiet time to reflect and be at peace. With a group of outstanding therapists, coaches and staff creating a program and experience that’s right for you.
Ms. Nareena Mehra, UAE. August 2015

Kamalaya is like being held in a warm embrace. I came here very tired after 2 weeks of travelling for work. I relaxed – I mean really relaxed. I learned about nutrition ... and I learned more about me. What a gift!
Debra Burke, US. July 2015

I’ve had a chance to meet very friendly, lovely people from all over the world. Here at KAMALAYA no nationality or religions have importance; only your good heart, your optimism and will to share your happiness to others and everyone. Thank you so much
Irina Reshetnikova, Russia. July 2015

My experience at KAMALAYA exceeded expectation and I will keep coming back as much as I can. I can’t thank you enough  for such a life – changing experience
Emily Tay, Hong Kong. March 2015

Kamalaya has exceeded my expectation in every respect. It has an organic feel of acceptance which has enveloped me and I’m looking to returning in the near future
Eleanor Doherty, UK. February 2015

After  five days of peaceful surrounding, the nurturing care and kindness of the staff, the healing hands and hearts of therapists and the delicious and nourishing food, I feel refreshed, restored and ready to feel life’s potential
Carey Bohjanen, UK. February 2015

The care & attention given do every aspect of KAMALAYA was superb…impressive
Kristin Marian Stearns Fein, US. January 2015

This was the most life changing and healing holiday ever. The whole concept, all staff and the other guests made this as I was visiting family. Wonderful surroundings and wonderful people make it a very special place (And I have seen many places around the world)
Francis Raynes, UAE. December 2014

Kamalaya promises great things and easily delivers. Its secret weapons are the staff and the food. Possibly the best two weeks of the past ten years for me.
Richard Turner, UK. December 2014

Staying at KAMALAYA is an experience you’ll never forget. Special mention to all staff who were absolutely fantastic. They treat you with so much kindness and warmth it was amazing. I’m gonna miss you all and I know for sure that I’ll come back!
Marloes Janssen, Netherland. November 2014

Life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. KAMALAYA is a place where the soul and mind come in balance and create the new “YOU” with a magical touch!
Maruyert Arman, Kazakhstan. November 2014

All I can say to you is you will a walk out of here a different person. With clarity, gratefulness, at peace and feeling blessed to have experienced the uniqueness of Kamalaya. The magic of Kamalaya will stay with you until you can get back here once again.
Ms. Tegan Glass, Australia. October 2014

I found my spirit and soul again here. Kamalaya has inspired me to live the fullest with love for myself and others around. Thank you
Ms. Elsa Norgaard, UAE. October 2014

Whenever I feel bad about something in my life, I know there’s a place where I can go to and where I will feel at home, at ease and (will be treated like a princess) will come home healthy.
Eva van Rooy, Netherlands. September 2014

The outstanding staff, impeccable facilities and beautiful natural surroundings make Kamalaya a true paradise. Perfect to relax and restore balance to one’s life.
Eric Mehler, US. September 2014

Kamalaya is and has been my small secluded place of healing and restoration of spirits. It has something mystical about the whole place – from wellness centre, to where you enjoy a meal or rest.
Gwendoline Brooker, UK. August 2014

Kamalaya nurtures & nourishes mind, body, soul and spirit. It opens your heart & mind to see not only life’s potential but also your own individual potential.
Anja Louise Skyba, Australia. July 2014