Yoga Sessions & Movement Workshop with Ampinee Suwunsawet

The greatest healing is breathing

Ampinee Suwunsawet is a dedicated yoga practitioner and a Butoh dancer since 2001. Having backgrounds in the Performing Arts, she found yoga through Butoh dance and both become her passion for life. Ampinee finds that the key practice – the flowing of breath, is the bridge between these two. The breath, once connected from the body to the mind, bring peace. As humans find inner peace, they also find harmony with the universe. Ampinee brings her passion in offering yoga sessions and movement workshops to share her belief in their power of healing and transformation.

Ampinee worked and trained in Ashtanga Yoga with the Yoga Thailand Retreat Center on Koh Samui. She deepened her study at Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, in Mysore, India in early 2010. Ampinee is also trained in yoga therapy in Sivananda style with Sunee Yuvajitti, a renowed Thai yoga teacher, at Sunee Yoga Institute in Bangkok. As a dance artist, Ampinee develops her movement works from her long experience in Butoh dance and from Anna Halprin’s Life/Art healing process. Butoh is the contemporary dance originated in Japan after WWII. The word, Butoh, literally means the ‘Dance of the Darkness.’ It takes darkness however, to find the light. Ampinee finds that Butoh is healing, as its essence is to reconnect one’s own movement with the breath, and thus links to understanding the mind. Inspired by Anna Halprin, the dance healing pioneer, Ampinee’s work also explores the close relationship between human body and nature in different settings, as she finds nature is the most powerful healing instrument and is the key to transformation.