Yamuna® Body Sustainability with Dilia

Yamuna® Body Sustainability is all about a life style change. It assists you in thinking through how you choose to live your life and make healthier choices about  how to approach your body. It helps you to understand the down side of every fitness activity and how to prevent it so that you maximize all your fitness choices. It helps you fully evaluate your body alignment, restrictions, past injuries and present physical state through a very special body assessment and hands on therapy called Yamuna Body Logic. This work fully assesses and corrects the entire body, every bone, muscle, joint, and circulation Now. 

With this therapy you are encouraged to be self empowered and learn how to take care of your own body.

Originally trained in yoga and yoga therapy, Dilia took the YBR® certification training in 2005. Since then she has become certified in Foot Fitness parts 1 & 2, Face Ball training, Table Treatment, and the 2 year Body Logic certification program. Dilia lives and works in Russia and organize Yamuna's trainings there as well as assists Yamuna when she teaches here. Dilia travels all over Russia teaching YAMUNA® certification trainings, workshops, and promote her work throughout Russia as well as internationally.