Wing Bean Black Cod Salad

Healthy Cooking with Kamalaya

The traditional Thai version of this delicious salad usually includes pork or prawns and eggs, but at Kamalaya we serve it up with tender flakes of black cod. Wing beans are high in protein and calcium, and a great source of vitamins A and C, iron and enzymes. If you can’t find wing beans at your Asian grocer, then you could substitute another variety such as snap peas or green beans.

Serves 1

Wing beans, sliced finely, 60 g   
Black cod, 100 g
Lemongrass, sliced finely, 8 g
Shallot, sliced and oven roasted, 15 g
Mint leaves, 5 g
Coriander leaves, 5 g
Kaffir lime leaves, sliced finely, 2 leaves
Fish sauce, 15 ml
Palm sugar, 8 g
Red chili (large), deseeded and sliced finely, 3 g
Spring onion, chopped finely, 10 g
Tom yum paste, 20 g
Lime juice, 5 ml

Steam the black cod until cooked through. Allow to cool and then break into flakes.

Next blanch the wing beans for 30 seconds in boiling water before cooling in ice water.

Place all ingredients into a bowl (reserve a small amount of coriander, mint and shallot for garnish) and mix well, taking care not to break up the fish.

Serve on plates and garnish with mint, coriander and oven roasted shallots.