Whole Wheat Pasta with Hummus, Rocket and Cherry Tomato

Healthy Cooking with Kamalaya

Hummus, olives, curry paste ,pesto, nori seaweed… an unusual blend of international flavours come together beautifully in this healthy pasta dish. For maximum taste and health benefits, go to the recipe section of our website and learn how to make your own almond milk, hummus, curry paste and basil pesto. For a vegan version, omit the Hondashi.

Serves 2


Whole-wheat spaghetti or penne, 160 g (dry)
Hummus *, 100 ml
Almond milk **, 120 ml
Hondashi ***, 2 g
Sea salt Pinch
Pepper, black  To taste
Cherry tomatoes, quartered, 50 g
Rocket leaves, 20 g
Cashews, 30 g
Olives (Kalamata), chopped finely, 20 g
Nori Seaweed, cut into fine strips, ½ sheet
Massaman curry paste ****, 15 g
Basil pesto *****, 30 g
Basil leaf, 2 sprigs

* Hummus – you can make your own with the recipe (Hummus Recipe) on our website, or to save time use a good quality prepared hummus.
** Almond milk – you can find this recipe on our website (Almond Milk Recipe).
*** Hondashi is a Japanese ingredient, which is basically a stock made from kelp and tuna flakes. Look for a MSG-free brand. If you can’t find it, simply omit from the recipe.
**** Massaman curry paste – make your own healthy preservative-free version with the recipe on our website (Massaman curry paste Recipe). Alternatively, use a store-bought paste, but look for one that is preservative-free.
***** Basil pesto – for a healthy version, use the recipe on our website (Basil Pesto Recipe). You could also use a store-bought version.

Cook the pasta al’ dente.

Next, heat a frying pan and add the almond milk and hummus, stirring until it reaches a creamy consistency. 

Add the cashews, massaman curry paste, chopped olives, cherry tomatoes and pesto, and stir through.

Add the hondashi, check the flavour and season with salt and pepper if necessary. 

Add the pasta to the sauce and stir through, adjusting with some additional almond milk if required. Do not cook for too long, as you will over-cook the pasta.

Remove from heat, and stir through the rocket leaves.

Serve into pasta bowls and garnish with chopped nori seaweed and fresh basil.