Wellness Facilities

Wellness Facilities

Integrating the surrounding nature into its design, the Wellness Sanctuary features open-air treatment spaces as well as air-conditioned suites. The Wellness facilities have been given prime position at Kamalaya, with rooms and areas showcasing the breathtaking sea vistas.

Before and after treatments, we suggest you take the time for a languid soak in the terraced plunge pools, relax at the hilltop Elixir Bar where refreshments are served with sensational ocean views, or unwind in our unique steam cavern.

Herbal Steam Cavern and Ambient Plunge Pools
Kamalaya's herbal steam cavern is equipped with an interior waterfall and exterior natural rock wall. Three plunge pools of varying temperatures are situated close by for cooling the body after steam session. All offer magnificent tranquil views of the coast, and are nestled amidst tropical vegetation.

Far Infrared Sauna
Far Infrared therapy provides deeply penetrating heat while maintaining a comfortable air temperature of 32-45 degrees Celsius. Use of far infrared sauna has many therapeutic benefits; it stimulates circulation, increases metabolism and burning of calories, and promotes detoxification to purify the body. Kamalaya's facilites include 3 private wooden saunas and are equipped with speakers for ambient music during your sauna, and private outdoor shower. One of our sauna may accommodate up to 4 persons at one time if desired.

Yoga Pavilion
The Hilltop Yoga Pavilion is perched atop Koh Samui's rugged coastline. This open-air, natural wood-floored space is perfect for yoga practice and for fostering a connection with nature. Nestled amidst giant, granite boulders and trees, the Yoga Pavilion draws in all elements of nature, offering a stunning panorama of the sea and outlying islands and mountains, and the perfect sunset view. Its capacity for yoga classes is 30.

Prana Sala
The open-air, natural wood-floored Yoga Sala is nestled above the Holistic Spa is a meditative sanctuary.

Shakti Fitness Centre
The Shakti Fitness Center is fully equipped with weight and fitness training equipment, where personal instruction in Strength Training, Functional Resistance Training, Pilates and other exercise modalities is available to complement your yoga practice.