Soul Healing

Unfolding the Wings of Your Soul with Isabella Wilfing
Spiritual healer Isabella Wilfing blends psychic awareness with neuro-linguistic programming and healing hypnosis in Soul Coaching, a valuable tool that helps break unwanted habits and provides insight into your life patterns in relationships, behaviors and beliefs. By uncovering a problem’s root cause, Isabella facilitates the closing of unhelpful life chapters and makes room for new chapters that are authentic and more fulfilling.
Isabella reads the aura to trace symptoms to the root; be that childhood, past lives or ancestral influence. She tunes in to an individual’s energy field, sensing the emotional landscape and unveiling “the need behind the need”.  This need reveals deeper facets, which are aligned with our soul’s lessons, and thus allow us to reach greater fulfillment.
Soul Coaching is helpful with transforming love & relationship patterns; career changes; achieving goals; stress & burn-out; weight loss; smoking cessation; emotional balancing for anxiety, anger, depression and fear; past-life regression; and spiritual growth.

What to expect:  Many clients experience “bright spots” from the initial session - a clearance and shift in insight to an overall feeling of wellbeing and emotional ease. A series of three sessions is ideal for achieving sustainable progress and organic growth.

Kabbalah Reading & Numerology – Receiving Insights: This system dating back to ancient Egyptians used numerology to understand life’s challenges and purpose. A Kabbalah reading can reveal past-life events that now manifest as physical, emotional or mental problems. It offers a glimpse into the lessons your soul will learn during this lifetime while illuminating the strengths and talents that will help you to reach your full potential. Each number carries a specific frequency and you will receive your personal power number(s) in a guided meditation, for you to use in balancing the energy field of challenging life lessons. Because Kabbalah and tarot are closely related, a tarot reading can be incorporated to enrich an analysis and to answer specific questions.

Soul & Body Healing – Healing from the Core: Soul & Body Healing is designed to remove or dissolve blockages of the physical and energetic bodies and to reconnect the individual with the Higher Self. A healing session reaches the core and resolves karmic knots which might be related to the experience of current symptoms.

The first part of the healing session involves an analysis and an energy check to ascertain areas of blockage. The second part includes the transference of pure energy flow to facilitate healing. The transmission of energy from Isabella’s hands to important energy centers (chakras) and into your aura stimulates the body’s innate healing ability. Additional tools in the session could include mantras (sacred healing words) or eye-healing, an ancient Indian healing tradition to open the windows of your soul to receive powerful energy.

Why not just take a pill if something hurts? As there is a very strong connection between ailments of the physical body and unfulfilled needs of the soul or emotional blockages, it is vital to uncover these connections so the healing process can yield long-term results. Therefore, during the session the root of the problem will be addressed and transformed.

Indications for a Soul & Body Healing Session:
·    Stress-related issues such as sleep disturbances, loss of concentration/focus, headache, wandering body pains
·    Physical ailments including migraine, digestive troubles, weak immune system, exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome
·    Emotional imbalances, anxiety and broken heart
·    Post-traumatic disturbances and essential loss, including death or the end of a relationship, and major life transitions
·    Spiritual growth and nurturing

Spinal Balancing – Happy Bones & Joints Dance Better: This gentle treatment is based on energy work and manual adjustment to balance the hips, the sacrum and the vertebrae, and to correct discrepancies in leg length. In the first part of this session the client is engaged in active postural and body exercises to bring awareness to various body processes. The second part of the treatment is passive whilst the pracitioner provides nurturing massage to deeply relax the spinal nerves and spinal cord. Further work on trigger points aids in freeing frozen muscles. For deeper pain relief, ear acupressure can be used as well. The treatment is useful for osteoarthritis, sciatica, rheumatic diseases, chronic back pain and tension in the shoulder and neck areas.