Structural, Visceral and Cranial Treatment with Neri Aziz

8th – 22nd December 2019

Neri provides a manual treatment approach that considers the body wholly, trying to really understand the root cause of any dysfunction that may be present. With thorough exploration of your condition, medical history along with dynamic body movements, she will assess your body’s needs and tailor the best treatment accordingly, with the goal of encouraging your body to inherently heal itself. Treatment with Neri is often a combination approach. She uses structural techniques such as joint mobilisations, HVT’s (manipulation of the joints), and soft tissue work to influence and restore the biomechanics of the body. Easing movement restrictions, and pains in the body. However her main passion lies in visceral treatments, improving the function of the organs, and restoring their natural mobility and motility.

Abdominal surgeries, trauma, stress, previous or present dis-ease of the organ and chronically bad posture can all affect the natural slide and glide of the organs, and diminish their ability to function optimally.

These sessions are good for anyone that experiences any movement restrictions, pain due to an active or sedentary lifestyle, and anyone that experiences digestive issues or would like to improve organ function. Neri most commonly treats conditions including headaches, neck/ shoulder/ lower back pains, gastrointestinal disorders and women’s health related conditions.

Neri studied Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, and worked there as an Osteopath for 5 years before moving to Singapore in 2018. Since qualifying she has continued to expand her curiosity of the human body by continually undertaking further courses.