Unique Solutions, Insights, and Possibilities for Complex Human Issues with Verele Vorstman

16th - 31st July 2019

Verele Vorstman has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a University diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (with merit). She is a certified Family Constellations facilitator and couples therapist, having studied at the Centre for Systemic Constellations in London. Moreover, she was trained as a shamanic healer at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Originally from The Netherlands, Verele has worked in Amsterdam and London for more than 10 years and regularly visits Kamalaya as a visiting practitioner. Verele takes a flexible approach and offers these therapies separately or combined, depending on the individual wishes and needs of our guests.

Family Constellations
Family Constellations is a solution-focused approach. Guests bring an issue, which will be framed in terms of intention. Any issue, especially ones that feel trapped or seem hard to pin down, can be brought here. These may be related to behavioural problems, illness, motivation, persistent emotional symptoms, addictions, relationships, work, isolation, bereavement and more.

Family Constellations relate your issue to the history and dynamics of the concerning system, whether in this case that is your family, work place, country, sports club etc. It looks at what you are carrying that doesn’t belong to you. Everybody has (inherited) entanglements and when they are found, we will find ways to release them.

Anybody can do a Family Constellation, regardless of experience, or whether your issue seems unclear or too big or when you lack information about your system.

Following a session, you may notice the pull towards the block or issue will have diminished. Subtle shifts in your energy will take place, seeping through in everyday life. Following a session, you may notice the pull towards the issue will have diminished or even gone, and ‘flow’ becomes more effortless.

Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing is good for long-standing issues that have been challenging to resolve. This energetic approach lifts blockages and provides insight, treating mind and body as one. The shamanic view on ‘dis-ease’ is that we either have a shortage or surplus of energy, caused by stress or trauma, throwing the body off balance. This energetic imbalance is sought to be restored in a session. A shamanic healer will always identify your ‘power animal’, which serves as a metaphor for how you best solve problems. If needed, a journey into the future can be made to help visualize the potential outcomes of a problem, depending on various approaches suggested.

Which session to ask for, Family Constellations or Shamanic Healing?
There are overlaps between Family Constellations and Shamanic Healing, but the differences are complementary. Shamanic Healing deals with one’s own past, present, or future energy only, whereby Family Constellations deal with one’s systemic energy. Sometimes a resolved systemic issue gives access to a new level of shamanic energy disruptors that were previously covered up. Alternatively, Shamanic Healing may restore the needed energy to deal with a systemic issue. If unsure which approach to ask for, Verele will happily help you choose at the beginning of your session.