Deep Tissue Bodywork & Cellular Rejuvenation with Nickie Scott

Benefits of Deep Tissue Bodywork & Cellular Rejuvenation
Deep tissue bodywork supports healing by gently stimulating the central nervous system and is considered more detailed than other superficial or stroking types of massage. Pain and discomfort may be caused by old injuries or scar tissue that requires treatment at a much deeper level. The main objective of Deep Tissue Bodywork is to improve the fluidity of the musculoskeletal system by targeting the root cause of the pain or dysfunction.

During a treatment, Nickie will begin by slowly bringing your awareness to the key areas of your body. This assists the central nervous system to relax chromic muscle spasms or other dysfunctions. Relaxing the central nervous system also calms the mind, frees up emotional blockages and reduces effects from the ‘fight or flight’ response. Following a treatment, you should experience reduced pain, increased flexibility, better energy flow and a greater feeling of reconnection with your body.

Nickie Scott also offers the following additional therapies:

Rhythm & Peace
Using gentle rocking, rolling, and shaking movements of the muscles and skeleton, the nervous system is entrained with rhythmical movements. Muscle tension melts away as the nervous system relaxes on a deeper level, encouraging you to surrender and trust. This session works well for the busy-minded person who has a hard time relaxing and letting go.

Deep Foot Reflexology
This treatment is designed to overhaul the body at a foundational level. Using deep thumb, knuckle and elbow pressure, combined with muscle stripping techniques on the feet and lower leg muscles, this session will help restore correct bone alignment, improve blood flow to the feet and restore balance to the internal organs. Deep Foot Reflexology is not advisable for patients with a history of gout.

About Nickie Scott
Nickie is a very versatile practitioner and his sessions may combine several different massage techniques depending on the individual needs of the patient. These may include, Asian and Western trigger point therapy to target acupressure meridians, sports massage, therapeutic stretching and deep muscle stripping to flush out metabolic waste from within the tissues.

Nickie graduated from Arizona’s Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 1986 after completing 1,250 hours of training. Following this, he undertook an additional 500 hours at the ‘Educating Hands School of Massage’ in Miami. Nickie is now permanently based on Koh Samui and has been a regular visiting practitioner at Kamalaya for a number of years.