Analysis of the Unconscious with Jacopo Valli

24th July - 10th August 2017
He has devoted the second half of his life to understanding the human psyche after recovering from a serious psychosomatic disease which he developed at the age of 33, and which he overcame thanks to seven years of personal psychotherapy, spiritual transformation and self-healing. Since that time, he has been studying the unconscious and the conscious minds, but also through analytical techniques of Dream Interpretation, Sand play and Art Therapy, and Active Imagination hypnotherapy. His 15 years plus practice as a psychotherapist in Italy, Europe and Thailand, can help you overcome traumatic experiences, emotional discomforts, grief and mental disorientation. In his session(s), he can also guide you through in-depth comprehension of your journey of self-realization, which C.G. Jung called “Process of Individuation”, and so achieve the greatest meaning and fulfil your highest values.

Dream interpretation– Since the time of Asclepius, the first healer in history, who developed dream interpretation in the Temple of Delphi as the most powerful technique of healing, dreams have been considered the portal to our unconscious, the things we are not aware about ourselves and that we need to integrate to overcome difficulties and achieve deeper understanding. Within our dreams are messages and intuitions inscribed to guide us in our evolution and through their interpretation the individual releases the profound energies which lie in the depths of the mind and that can be made available in everyday life.

Myths– From early civilizations, especially from Ancient Greece, myths are stories that have been used to describe all possible instinctual patterns of behaviours (archetypes), to help the individual understand the hidden dynamics of “why” and “how” the individual behaves. Together with fairy tales, myths describe the wealth of human innate mechanics and dynamics, as described by Jung’s concept of Collective Unconscious. Through them the individual can further understand what lies beneath the surface of the human behaviours and enlarge the consciousness to embrace a fuller meaning.

Symbolism– Symbols represent the foundation of human psyche as seen by the ancients. In the journey towards self-realization, the hero encounters experiences and stages of transformation: the path of it is described in archetypal images and phases as described in different cultural waves of the past times. The work on such images is an extremely powerful initiation on a personal level of a deeper insight of the forces operating symbolically on the psyche.

In the course of the session(s), the symbolic analysis will be usually interwoven with dream interpretation and myth confrontation, whenever possible, and can also include the involvement of analytical techniques.