Palm reading & tarot card reading

Palm & Tarot Readings and Channeling with Robert Alcazane

Gain clarity about your private life, your professional situation and the state of your emotions, both now and in the future, through private sessions with world-renowned psychic Robert Alcazane,

Robert’s reading technique is a fusion of palm reading, tarot card reading and channeling. He uses his assessment of an individual’s palm as the basis for the reading, to which he then adds the tarot cards. The cards serve as a magnifying glass, allowing him to focus acutely on a particular matter, reaching profound levels of detail that allow him to provide more specific answers to your questions. Channeling is a significant source of guidance during Robert’s consultations as well, often putting clients in touch with ancestors or other deceased friends and relatives who serve as advisors from a higher realm.

Robert not only answers the questions his clients pose, but also helps them to find and follow their destined paths in life. He sources guidance and wisdom from a higher power to assist in important processes including decision making, release, and goal setting. Other important aspects explored during client readings include your personal life, relationships and career-related issues. He can help you to discover the root of particular issues and then guide you in the direction of change for the better.

Robert is also skilled in helping to identify an individual’s pain body, in terms of both the mental and the physical. Clients often say they feel they have been provided the chance to be more aware of themselves, more in tune with their existences, and, therefore, in better health and harmony overall.

About Robert:
It has been more than 20 years since Robert Alcazane began practicing palm reading, tarot reading, and channeling. What started as a favor to family and friends then blossomed into a full-time practice. Clients from all over the world consult Robert, both at his private practice in Munich and at spiritual events, conventions and international TV.