Enneagram Personality Profiling & Neuro-Linguistic with Akcelina Cvijetic

Enneagram is the ancient wisdom of nine distinct personality types which go beyond the typing and ego to experience our true essence. They provide empowering insights on how to overcome each person’s inner barriers, realise their unique talents, strengths, potential and transform challenges into growth.

• Know yourself better
• Develop greater understanding of others
• Enjoy more loving family dynamic, friendships and business relationships
• Resolve conflicts and work most effectively with each of the nine types
• Transform your love patterns to find true love
• Release any mental, emotional, spiritual blocks and fears
• Experience more healing and happiness

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an insightful and dynamic way of understanding why we think, feel and behave the way we do. It provides powerful tools to easily transform what does not serve us to optimise wellness, fulfilment and abundance.

• Better stress and anxiety management for greater inner peace
• Increased confidence
• Higher motivation and performance
• Greater emotional resilience
• Release of negative thought patterns, beliefs, habits, behaviours
• Empowered transition (career, health challenge, relationship break up)

Akcelina is a leading international wellness specialist who nurtures mind-body-spirit with synergistic therapies and ancient wisdoms to achieve an authentic wellness experience. Vanity Fair has called her a “true wellbeing sage for emotional and spiritual health”. She supports and empowers each person to flourish personally and professionally to create wellness ripples for themselves and others.