Mind-Body-Spirit Integration with Susie Bowman

Healing Retreats Thailand
Susie Bowman has given healing sessions worldwide since 1983. Her holistic approach comes out of a life-long search for ways to integrate extraordinary psychic ability into bodily experience.

Spiritual Healing & Counselling
Her training in Radix, Bodywork Therapy and Spiritual Counselling, includes many renowned teachers. Some of the tools she uses include, conscious connected breathing for body-mind integration, chakra/energy field reading to balance higher self with body, somatic-emotional release, dialogue and integrative movement.

Creating a Turning Point in Your Life
Your heart remembers who you are and why you are here. Most people use this work to understand or create a turning point in their lives; break patterns, find clarity, forgive the past, feel vibrant, spiritually awake and connected to a meaningful life purpose. An open, fluid connection to the core of your being is often an AH-HA! flash of direct understanding. Like a child, you can again feel what your heart knows with immediate benefits and lasting changes that gradually transform your lifestyle and relationships.

Emotional release
Emotions are the bridge from mind to body, yet the bridge may be blocked by emotionally charged tension patterns that unconsciously defend against change. This ensures karmic repetition by deadening the capacity for feeling and spontaneity. Emotional release is a process of restoring the capacity to feel fully alive and joyful once more, freeing a wealth of information about your relationships, spiritual path, or barriers to health, happiness and creativity.