Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, Crystal Surgery Sessions With Miho Sakamoto

About Miho Sakamoto
Miho Sakamoto is a highly skilled and intuitive healer. She qualified as a Crystal Surgery Practitioner and Spiritual Healer as well as in other complementary therapies, such as Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Bach Flower Remedies among many. Miho’s sessions aim to restore “Wholeness” and a sense of balance_ so that healing can occur naturally within the body.

Treatments that Miho offers
Sessions begin with tuning in to a higher self to bring alignment with the highest good. Miho then assists with meditation for a deeper relaxation, cleanses energy fields, removes unwanted attachments, balances chakras, giving protection and grounding.

Bach Flower Remedies with Energy Healing
Miho combines Energy / Spiritual Healing and Bach flower remedies.

Spiritual / Energy Healing
We all have an innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balance within our body, mind and spirit. The purpose of spiritual healing is to enhance and empower you in finding the point of balance within yourself. Miho acts as a channel for healing energies to help facilitate this process. Spiritual healing is a complimentary therapy that may be given for illness, stress or injury without any side effects.

Bach Flower Remedies
Developed by Edward Bach, an English physician, bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath who realised that emotional imbalance creates diseases. He discovered that flowers had healing qualities and developed a system using the flower essences. Bach flowers address the emotional issues that are present, through re-balancing the negative emotions. Once stable, the body is then able to heal itself. It is a simple protocol which benefits a wide range of people. Often, people can forget how negative emotions can affect all levels – our physical & energetic being. During a session, Miho tunes in to your higher self and uses a pendulum to work with your energy and chooses which remedies are most suitable. Miho prepares a personalised remedy by choosing the Bach flowers that match the emotions being experienced by the client, such as anxiety, fatigue, anger, stress, confusion, depression, suppressed emotions etc. There are 38 remedies plus Rescue Remedy. They are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and plants. It is all natural and works in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and any medications. The Bach Flower Remedies that Miho uses come from Healing Herbs in the U.K. They are of higher vibrations as they are hand picked, handmade and preserved with Organic French Brandy with love.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing is intuitive Energy Healing using crystals, attuned to your needs. It is a more specialized form of healing where crystals are placed on and or around your body.

Crystal Surgery
This is a unique method of using both crystals and stones to work on the client’s Energy Field and Energy Body. Crystal Surgery works systematically and through direct changes in both of these fields, changes are indirectly stimulated within the physical body. The session involves using crystals as a tool for healing. Each carries a specific vibration, made up of its mineral content, colour, outer form and inner geometry. By introducing the appropriate crystals into a client’s energy field, they can help him or her regain the necessary balance needed for health and well-being.