Spiritual Alignment Thailand

Spiritual Alignment With Helene Daim

Are you seeking new awareness or are you on a spiritual path or life journey? Would you like to release trapped emotions and change old patterns? Are you curious about who you truly are?

If you are here at Kamalaya to find answers and to heal, a Spiritual Alignment session with Helene Daim can help you to find happiness, to see opportunities and to find peace in your heart and mind.

Helene takes you to a place within yourself where there is only truth: your heart. This powerful state often causes suppressed emotions to come to the surface. Helene will help you to process and release your emotions, whilst keeping you in a safe space. Being in your heart space and experiencing truth will give you new awareness and through experiencing your true emotions you will heal and be able to move on.

Spiritual Alignment is usually given on a one-to-one basis, but can be given to couples and groups. Only one session is needed to experience true progress, and more than one session can be very powerful.

Helene has a CPCC certification from Coaching Training Institute and has worked as a coach for four years. CTI's Co-Active Coaching Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry. Over the last two years she has developed the gift of seeing and channeling people's inner visions and helping them align with their truth.

Helene is the former owner of a skin care clinic in Norway, where she also worked as a skin care therapist for eight years. She now lives in Koh Samui together with her Norwegian fiancà©.


Helene connects with people on a deep level. She sees and understand them, actually she sees people clearer than they do themselves. She sees the longing in people, names it, and enables them to move towards it. Helene holds people with such passion and love that it brings healing to their lives.
Female CEO and Business owner, 40 years old, Norway

Helene radiates love, beauty and truth and connects others to that within themselves. Helene works from her heart wisdom, her soulful knowing, deeply connection and spot on intuition.
Jules Heavens, 50 years old, United Kingdom

A deeply intuitive & spiritual healer who uses her incredible ability to really see inside people to connect them back to their hearts / soul
Sue Saker Relationship coach 44 years old, United Kingdom