Tuina with Errol Lynch

Tuina practitioner Errol Lynch is the UK's leading therapist and master of Chinese medicine, with a client list which includes the crà¨me of Britain's sporting elite and Olympic athletes.

Having spent much of the last fifteen years in China, honing his craft and continually learning from Chinese medicine's leading Professors and Doctors, Errol has spent 40,000 hours working on patients, 10,000 hours teaching and over 100,000 in the study of tuina. Errol is the UK's leading pioneer and advocate of the many physical, mental and emotional benefits of the Tuina practice which is thousands of years old but in its infancy in the world of Western therapy.

Today, Errol's time is split between his Touch Tuina practices in London, York and Bury St. Edmonds, he combines teaching Tuina and treating private clients who vary from individuals who use Tuina for relaxation and maintenance, to professional sports men and those with serious physical ailments and illness.

As well as spreading his passion and knowledge for Tuina by hosting international workshops, many students travel across the globe to seek his tuition with a view to practicing themselves; "Tuina is a multi disciplinary treatment which combines the theory and knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine, with hands on practise similar to the manipulations of chiropractics and massage as a standalone treatment. With Tuina we not only treat the condition, but we also treat the clients constitution, this is how it differentiates from other treatments and is why it so effective for so many conditions."

For Errol, his path into Chinese medicine and specialization in Tuina was an organic development from his career as a martial artist. Errol is committed to lifelong learning, and has studied Shiatsu, reflexology, acupuncture and Chinese herbs extensively, his return to the continent from which the alternative therapies emerged, celebrated as an occasion, such is the respect for his accomplishment and technique in China.

Errol sees Tuina as the therapy of the future "The practice of Tuina can only grow, as the general public increasingly seek a more natural approach to their health which is cost effective and works without side effects". Errol has set up Tuina teaching clinics in London, York and Bury St. Edmonds in an effort to help the practice of Tuina spread across the UK.

After many years of collaboration and study in China, Errol has devised his own system of Touch Tuina that can treat a wide range of complaints which has been adapted for the western mind/student.