Kum Nye Tibetan Massage & Integrative Bodywork with Nickie Scott

Kum Nye Massage
This massage was developed to help meditation practitioners in connecting with the various energy channels in the body. Meditation practitioners used this massage on each other to promote good health and to help clear emotional as well as energetic imbalances. Pain relief and reduction is one of the primary results of this work. This work is very detailed and we can focus on primary pain areas or overall body treatment. In a typical session, we will talk about what your health goals are and how we can achieve them. With your goals in mind and using Kum Nye massage as the foundation to build on, other massage modalities will be integrated into the session as needed. Some of the techniques that may be integrated into the session include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, connective tissue work, deep foot reflexology, Indian Head massage, rock and roll massage, deep abdominal work, intra oral technique, therapeutic stretching, structural integration and various Asian bodywork techniques.

Rhythm & Peace
Using gentle rocking, rolling and shaking movements of the muscles and skeleton, the nervous system is entrained with rhythmical movements. Muscle tension melts away as the nervous system relaxes at deeper layers and we learn again to surrender and trust. Muscles need nerve innervation to contract so once the nervous system relaxes all of the systems of the body relax and enter a state of calm and peace. Through gentle opening and closing movements of the joints, the joint proprioceptors also relax, joint mobility is increased and the body moves more freely. The body is two thirds water, putting this water into motion and then allowing it to come to rest promotes clarity as the chatter of the mind is quietened. A profound sense of peace, lightness of being, and subtle joyfulness naturally arises. This session works well for the busy minded person who has a hard time relaxing and letting go.

Deep Foot Reflexology
This session is designed to overhaul the foundation of the body. By using deep thumb, knuckle and elbow pressure, combined with muscle stripping on the feet and lower leg muscles we will work to restore correct bone alignment and proper blood flow to the feet. Using reflexology techniques we will work to restore energetic balance to the organs of the body. This work is deep and sometimes painful but the depth is kept to your pain tolerance level. If you have a history of gout this session is contraindicated for you.

Nickie graduated from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in in 1986 with 1250 hours. He continued his education at ‘Educating Hands School of Massage’ with an additional 500 hours of training.

He is the founder of the Ojai School of Massage (1999-2014) in Ojai, California. His school is now called Ojai School of Canine Massage focusing on training professional canine massage therapists. Over the last 32 years, he has continued to study with various bodywork practitioners. Nickie continues to learn something new from each person or animal that he works with.