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By Donna Wells

Want to improve your health, boost your vitality? Looking for a restorative break to recover from a stressful event or lifestyle? Perhaps you want to detox, lose weight or learn yoga? Or are you searching for a deeper experience, a catalyst for change and personal growth? Whether it's one, two or more of the above, Kamalaya is bound to deliver.

People experience Kamalaya in intrinsically different ways, often taking away more than what they expected. Beyond the improvements in health and wellbeing, Kamalaya's synergistic blend of place, people, inspired cuisine and healing modalities seems to effortlessly and spontaneously take people to unexpected levels of self discovery and awareness.

Kamalaya is a place where creativity, wellbeing and self discovery naturally unfold. Instead of rules and regulations, Kamalaya offers guidance and choice. Instead of luxury and opulence, you will find comfort and beauty. And instead of avoidance and escape, Kamalaya helps you reconnect with yourself and the world around you. It represents an unprecedented and life-affirming realm where ancient wisdom can be enhanced with the latest innovations in alternative and contemporary health care, to offer healing in the broadest sense.

With its exceptional array of wellness offerings, Kamalaya is known for delivering results that meet a diverse range of needs. Kamalaya's approach to wellness is grounded in medical research and the Wellness Programs, designed by a team of multi-disciplinary practitioners, are designed for safety and efficacy.

Kamalaya's core Wellness Programs include Detox & Rejuvenation, Ideal Weight, Relax & Renew and Balance & Revitalise, the latter being great for dealing with stress and adrenal burnout. If you prefer to discover wellness in a supportive group environment, then you may want to try one of Kamalaya's monthly Detox or Yoga Retreats. If you're looking for more - or less - Kamalaya's Wellness practitioners will work with you to design a personalised program.

Every Kamalaya experience begins with a consultation that addresses individual needs and goals. A Kamalaya Wellness practitioner then offers guidance for choosing the most appropriate mix of therapies, treatments and activities. All of the Kamalaya programs, whether it is one of the core packages or a bespoke program, focus on specific areas of concern while working holistically to improve health in body, mind and spirit.

The Wellness menu offers over 70 treatments incorporating holistic medicine and complementary therapies from Eastern and Western traditions. As well as the usual massage and body treatments, the list extends to Ayurvedic therapies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathic and homeopathic consultations, emotional and spiritual counselling and other holistic services such as cranio-sacral therapy and sound healing. On the more energetic side, optional daily classes in holistic fitness practices that range from Pilates, yoga, chi gong and meditation to adventure hikes and core fitness classes are also on offer, with the option to do personal one-on-one sessions.

In its most basic sense, food is fuel and what we eat influences the quality of our health. But food should also be about sensory pleasure. Kamalaya's Chef, Kai Muller, has fused these two sometimes opposing roles and created artful and inspired cuisine that is healing in function and tantalising in form. Merging culinary traditions of East and West and using fresh, tropical and, where possible, organic produce, the menus include extensive vegetarian options as well as seafood, poultry and meat dishes. The food changes with the seasons, as it should, and different months bring different delights. Fresh juices, signature tonics, herbal teas and wines are also served, along with customised meals for those undertaking detox programs or with special dietary requirements.

Kamalaya rests easily on a lush tropical hillside which slopes down to an idyllic private beach. Here, nature is more than a backdrop or a contrived add-on. The overall architectural concept is a reflection of Kamalaya's wellness philosophy; that a connection to nature is a vital, nurturing element integral to one's overall health and wellbeing. Kamalaya is a collection of individual structures that integrates the surrounding landscape into the simple elegance of its architecture and design, including sixty accommodation options ranging from panoramic Hillside Rooms to open Suites and spacious beachfront Villas.

The services and facilities at Kamalaya are bound together by a welcoming community spirit and supported by the invigorating energies of nature, art and healthy cuisine. In this inspiring environment, you will be introduced to a variety of possibilities for discovering new levels of vitality, adventure, creativity, and personal fulfilment.


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SpaSecrets readers who stay 7 days or longer will receive a free room upgrade (subject to availability on arrival) and a personal yoga session. This offer is valid for stays until 20 December 2008. For booking enquiries, please contact: Wellbeing Escapes tel 0845 602 6202; Cleveland Collection tel 0845 450 5732; or Erna Low tel 0207 594 0290, and tell them SpaSecrets sent you.