Traditional Therapeutic Treatment with Sasithorn Charmorchad

About Sasithorn Charmorchad
Sasithorn Charmorchad is a 3rd generation Thai Traditional Medicine doctor in the family and graduated from the Abhaibhubejr Thai Traditional College of Burapha University. Clinical experience was attained in several government hospitals in Thailand. She then started her international career with a well reputed International Health Resort in Thailand and quickly became the first Thai Medicine doctor on staff. Now she is a holistic and wellness consultant at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary Health resort.

Thai traditional medicine therapeutic treatment
Therapeutic treatment is a method of “treatment by medical massage” based on the Royal Thai style (“Rajasamnak”) and historically was only used to treat the aristocracy and the Royal Family. It is a very specific style involving acupressure on specific points. Thais believe there are 10 main health lines that are sufficient to treat the whole body and its internal organs. This is not a religious or spiritual practice, but is to ensure optimal energy flow is achieved.

Stimulate nervous system and blood circulation to release muscle tension in targeted area.

Symptoms that can be treated
- Chronic pain with trigger points
- Joint acute mild inflammation
- Chronic pain with stiff joints
- Trigger finger
- Frozen shoulder
- Stiff neck
- Migraine
- Constipation
- Ankle sprain
- Calf cramp
- Back muscle strain
- Women’s health