Soul Coaching & Emotional Detox Unfolding the Wings of your Soul with Isabella Waxenegger-Wilfing

8th April to 22nd April, 2019Soul Coach, healer and certified naturopath Isabella Waxenegger-Wilfing comes from a mediumistic healer family who supported her strongly to allow her passion to turn into profession by various educations and degrees at home and from abroad.

Soul Coaching
Soul Coach enables you to get in contact with your deeper truth and needs and gathering a wider perspective in your awareness. Through her highly intuitive perception Isabella reads the aura to trace symptoms to the root; be that childhood, past lives or ancestral influence. She tunes in to an individual’s energy field, sensing the emotional landscape and unveiling “the need behind the need”. This need reveals deeper facets, which are aligned with our soul’s lessons, and thus allow us to reach greater fulfillment.

By uncovering a problem’s root cause, Isabella facilitates the closing of unhelpful life chapters and makes room for new chapters that are authentic and in tune with your current phase of life. You will tap into more of your potential and feel encouraged.

Approved mental tools, coming from gentle hypnosis after Dr. Milton Erickson & neuro-linguistic programming are changing life quality and leading to a more fulfilled life.

Soul Coaching is particularly helpful with
• Transforming relationship patterns & unfulfilled love
• Cutting anxiety, fear of failure and depression
• Facilitating weight loss or smoke free via hypnosis and rituals
• Desired career changes and achieving goals
• Finding life orientation linked to your soul purpose
• Stress & burn-out prevention

What to expect: Most clients experience a clearance and shift in insight to an overall feeling of wellbeing and emotional ease from the initial session. Nevertheless a series of three sessions is the optimum for achieving sustainable progress.

Emotional Detox
This treatment is particularly designed to lift stressful and weight-bearing emotions from you. Emotions are the fuel or the brake in life. Emotions decide whether we dare to reach out or if we limit or even end our lives.

Adressing frequent emotion patterns as well as emotionally overwhelming peak situations keeping us stuck, brings relief and new choices in decision making processes. But not only stress peaks are the cause of pain, all too often the repetitive little triggers brings the pot to boil over. Emotional responses can turn into limiting patterns when frequently triggered as it happens in longterm energy consuming situations like in unhappy marriages or job situations, injustice, constantly more giving than receiving or the lack of recognition.

Emotional detox works to de-crust and bring you in contact again with your underlying lively source of strength. Going through this process it also allows one to distance more from stress triggers as well as finding a better balance. Some clients describe it as “getting the ballast from the wings” and being able to breathe freely again. According to the pressure a series of three or a combination with “Healing Hands” may be recommended.

Healing Hands
Gentle hand ?s touch is moving the energy to your nervous system and meridians. While addressing an increased energy flow sometimes pain just melts, may it be physical or more of an emotional issue. The energetic healing sometimes also provides a deeper understanding of a blockage to what it is linked to. The more we enter a peaceful state the higher the frequencies can get, sometimes leaving the client in deep bliss. Bliss, where we feel.

The healing session starts off with an analysis and an energy check to ascertain areas of blockage, followed by the pure energy flow to facilitate healing. The transmission of higher energy to relevant body parts and into your aura stimulates the body’s innate healing ability. Additional tools in the session could include mantras (sacred healing words) or eye-healing, an ancient Indian healing tradition to transfer powerful energy directly to the core.

Our physical body, ailments and mal-functions are not the only aspect when it comes to holistic healing. Our body possesses a memory linked to cells as well as to our surrounding energy field. When such memory spaces linked to symptoms are relieved, pain or limitations can vanish.

You may particularly benefit from this treatment, when you deal with
• Stress-related issues such as sleep disturbances, loss of concentration/focus, headache, anxiety, wandering body pains
• Physical ailments including migraine, digestive troubles, exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome
• Post-traumatic disturbances and essential loss, including death or the end of a relationship, and major life transitions
• Spiritual growth and nurturing