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Vegan, detox, animal proteins & vegetarian cuisine recipes

"The Food at Kamalaya is out of this world. Every lunch, every dinner tastes wonderful and is presented visually enjoyable. I would give a Michelin star to the Kamalaya food, to both detox and non detox." Ms. Satu Wrede


Because food is an essential part of our daily life, it is the perfect vehicle to provide the support necessary for enhanced vitality and optimal health. All holistic medical traditions have regarded food as the "first medicine".


Co-created by Karina Stewart, Kamalaya Co-founder and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Executive Chef Kai Mueller, Kamalaya Cuisine plays a vital role in our integral wellness concept. The menus are influenced by Karina's wealth of knowledge in functional medicine and cellular detoxification, and brought to vibrant life through Kai's passion for using local ingredients and cooking methods in healthy and innovative ways.


Try some of Kamalaya's healthy recipes in the comfort of your own home to keep you focused and inspired. There will be written recipes showing you how to prepare Kamalaya cuisine, as well as a pdf file you can print or download. Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to help nurture a healthy lifestyle.