Gesundes Kochen mit Kamalaya

Serves 2
A traditional Thai salad with a twist - blending delicious Thai  herbs with Asian vegetables and a bit of spice – This detox-friendly salad is a hot ticket item on our Amrita lunch menu.

In Thai cuisine, banana flower is either eaten raw with a pungent dip or added to fried noodles and soups. It is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium and contains fair amounts of calcium and iron. It is sometimes used to treat bronchitis, constipation and ulcers.

Banana flower, 80 g
Beetroot, cooked, 60 g
Mango, green, 70 g
Wakame, 70 g
Coriander leaf, chopped, 3 g
Mint leaf, chopped, 3 g
Shallot, finely sliced, 10 g
Lime juice, 10 ml
Sesame seed, 5 g
Chilli powder, Dash (to taste)
Lemon grass, finely sliced, 10 g

Remove the hard outside layer of the banana flower and cut the inside flesh into fine strips.
Slice the cooked beetroot and green mango into fine strips.
Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Taste to check and adjust the flavour before serving.
Place salad mix onto the centre of your serving plates and garnish with additional fresh coriander and mint leaves.

Chef's Tip:
You can easily turn this recipe into finger food, just by wrapping small bite-size portions in salad leaf (try red or green oak, or cos) and securing with a toothpick.