Presencing Flowbreath with Stewart Wyndham

Discover the art and practice of breathing life into your deepest concernsPresencing Flowbreath sessions let you breathe awareness and life energy into the very core of your being. Your clear intention of what you would like to release accompanied by deep breathing, awareness, a natural flowing movement and expansive music will bring you home to that place of centeredness and healing all humans strive to experience.

What is the treatment and how is it done?
After deciding on and clarifying the topic that the client wishes to resolve and release on that day the Flowbreath session will begin. If it is a first session the three elements of Flowbreath will be demonstrated and the client will be guided to replicate these movements. The first element is the connected breathing, secondly the designated flowing movement and thirdly the awareness technique that allows the client to safely feel the presence of resistance and its gradual release into a state of well being. The breath session lasts about 30 minutes after which there is a gradual cooling down phase followed by a sharing with the Flowbreath practitioner.

Who is it good for and what are the benefits?

Any condition that expresses itself as stress, dissatisfaction, difficulty managing emotions, addictions or physical pain is held in place, often for decades, through an unconscious resistance to the natural ability to feel and let go unconditionally without fear. Since the majority of human beings fall into this category they would benefit by a simple tool that energetically, unmistakably and even blissfully releases them into the body’s own pranic or bioenergetic field of life energy thereby creating new patterns of profound healing.

Stewart Wyndham received his training as a breathwork and transpersonal therapy facilitator at the Living Water Center in Australia during 1992-1993. He is also trained in healing and psychotherapy modalities such as Polarity Therapy (Heartwood Institute, Garberville, California, USA, 1989-1990), Transactional Analysis and Family Therapy (Australia, 1992-1993).

Originally from the UK, He lived in Germany for 15 years and was based in Tokyo, Japan from 1981-1989 and again from 1993 to early 2011. During this time, he offered holistic counseling to clients for cultural adjustment, personal issues, stress disorders and addiction management. He also founded the well received spiritual inquiry and insight group, “Tokyo Dialogues”.lotus_awakening(at)