The Power of Yoga With Bettina Keller

Anusara-Inspired Yoga Bettina is an Anusara-inspired Yoga Teacher and a certified Yoga Therapist who teaches worldwide. This yoga practice is built on the traditional techniques of Hatha Yoga combined with some strong and dynamic sequences. Anusara Yoga emphasizes the connection to the heart and a harmonious alignment to enable an optimal flow of energy throughout the body.

Benefits: Lightheartedness and a sense of freedom in the body.

Bettinas` Anusara Yoga Classes are featured in Kamalaya Holistic Activities Calendar.

Yoga Private Coaching
Individual Yoga coaching on a one-to-one basis or with a partner. All levels welcome, for yoga is suitable for all ages and conditions.

Benefits: You experience a tailor-made sequence for your needs and the benefits of personal attention and adjustments on your yoga postures, no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced student, who wants to deepen his/ her practice. Bettina’s expertise as well as her warmhearted and sensitive approach help you to understand the power of Yoga more deeply. It enables you to feel rooted, uplifted, strong, present, clear in your mind and positive about your life.

Bettina lives near Zurich with her husband Michael. There, they established the Soma Institut ( Switzerland, a center for health and transformation. Once a year they travel internationally as Visiting Experts to different top Spa and Wellness destinations. Bettina teaches Yoga to people of all ages in retreats and workshops, as well as groups and one-on-one. Additionally she works as a certified Yoga Therapist, Life Coach and Singer.

Somatic Release With Michael Schörnig

The coaching for a healthy and upright body posture. In a session with Michael you will be taught how to skip old and restricting moving patterns, in order to regain a healthy, upright and shining body posture and appearance.

Over time, chronically-tight muscles have learned to stay contracted due to emotional and physical stress, as well as "performing“ repetitive tasks and daily chores. The resulting patterns of muscular contraction are such common conditions as limited mobility, poor posture, shallow breathing and even chronic back and neck pain.

Maintaining, or regaining a good posture has many benefits - now and in your future:
• Breathing and circulation are enhanced
• Muscle fatigue and backaches are prevented
• A good posture contributes to a good appearance

Michael currently teaches Corporate Yoga Classes and works as senior therapist at the Seeschau Yoga & Therapy center in Zurich. Together with his wife Bettina, they established the Soma Institut Switzerland ( in 2016. Benefit from his 15 years of experience in bodywork, therapy & health coaching.