Structural Integration Therapy With Dr. Leonard McGill

1st - 14th November 2020Dr. Leonard McGill has been a natural healthcare physician for 29 years, treating over 10,000 patients. He is the author of the bestselling Chiropractic self-help book of all time, “The Chiropractor’s Health Book” (Crown Publishers, New York). After retiring from chiropractic he developed and continues to refine Structural Integration Therapy.

This blend of ancient energy practices with modern physical medicine techniques aligns the spine, re-balances the Meridian system and uses reflexology to open energy channels in the body.

Clients often feel an influx of healing energy during a session. Many report an immediate sensation of relaxation, better posture and a new ease of movement. The therapy is particularly successful with headaches, neck and back pain, hip and knee pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions. It is a perfect adjunct to such practices and yoga, Thai massage and Qi Gong.

A subtle approach to bodywork, Structural Integration Therapy uses the body’s innate healing wisdom in its analysis of a client. Several different energy systems are accessed and “tuned” during the treatment.

Sessions typically last thirty or sixty minutes, with a great deal of integration accomplished in a short period of time.