Five Senses Therapy with Richard Girolami

1st - 14th November 2019

Five Senses Therapy is a careful, effective combination of techniques that work together to bring the body and mind toward a state of balance with profound results. Treatments are especially useful for releasing old stagnant energies stuck in the body from traumas, injuries, stress, posture, and build-up from every-day life.

Sessions are typically 90 minutes, beginning with talking, information intake, and a short structural examination. This intense form of therapy effectively addresses imbalances and creates a lighter, freer human form. Client and practitioner work together using TCM, breath, and deep structural fascial bodywork to identify and release difficult areas.

While sessions can be intense and challenging, breath is central to the process and clients are reminded to breathe consciously while working through difficult areas. Results may include benefits for pain, stress, anxiety, old injuries, postural issues, mobility restrictions, and old neurological patterns. This is not a relaxing wellness massage. Both client and practitioner work hard to create significant, lasting changes. Individuals may experience unique results after their session.

Richard has studied and been working with the human body for more than 20 years, training in many forms of hands-on therapy, movement, sport, meditation, and bodywork. After receiving his first degree from Arizona State University in kinesiology and wellness, he moved on to complete his Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He travels frequently to New York, Asia, and Europe to work with clients.

Over the past 10 years, Richard has combined his diverse experience working the human body into Five Senses Therapy which uses several complementary modalities to help create balance, move toward optimum health, and release old traumas stuck in the body.