QEPR (Quantam Emotional & Physical Release) with Paul Emery

“ ASIASPA Holistic Treatment of the Year”
1st - 12th December 2019
What is QEPR?
Developed by Paul, renowned doctors and neurologists over 40 years, QEPR is a rapid and effective body/mind treatment that gently releases the cause of any unwanted emotional stress or anxiety from your life. Recent brain research shows that 'tapping' meridian acupressure points or by calming, therapeutic touch on the arms, face and hands alongside guided visualization sigificantly reduces emotion.

Manage Your Emotions     
Paul's signature QEPR treatment helps: stress/anxiety/worry/sadness/depression/anger/fears. Enabling you to feel calmer, more peaceful, confident and in control by releasing any concerns that are holding you back.

Stress Relief Meditation                              
Easy, simple, yet powerful guided visualization and self-touch based meditation that is guaranteed to leave you with a long-lasting feeling of peace, calm and tranquillity. This comforting meditation quickly quietens the mind, allowing you to effectively let go of any areas of stress, anxiety or worry from your life. Can easily be used at home/work to manage your emotions better and to gain greater relaxation and peace in your life.

Sleep Better                                            
Latest sleep findings alongside effective practical tehniques enabling you to switch off, quieten your mind allowing you to relax, let go of worries, anxiety or anyting else that prevented you getting deep restful sleep.

Weight Loss                                    
End yo-yo dieting, raise self-esteem and feel better about yourself. Lose and maintain weight loss with a simple four step eating plan, plus essential psychological strategies and support. Control emotional eating, cravings and let go of any causal stress, anxiety or self-sabotaging behaviours and beliefs.

Detox Support                                  
Reduce hunger pangs, cravings, headaches and relieve any stress or heightened emotions. Detox Support also improves mental and physical health by identifying food toxins and sensitivities.

Pain Release                                      
Management, reduction even elimination of physical symptoms such as aches and pains, backache, pms, neck and shoulder problems and headaches are possible through acupressure and psycho-sensory treatment. Also gently release any underlying emotional cause or increase in symptoms by stress, anxiety and anger.


Quit Smoking                                 
Become a confident and happy non-smoker without willpower or gaining weight. Quickly control any cravings-habits-addiction or withdrawl and reduce, manage any underlying stress, anxiety, fear, anger, or frustration.  (*No smoking minimum 12 hours before treatment begins.* Commitment is required.)


About Paul
Co-Author with Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Paul's been featured by Fox, Sky, Australia’s 'Celebrity Overhaul’, Vogue, Gala, Women’s Health,  Sunday Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and OK. He has worked at the world's top health resorts and helped 1000's of people, from doctors and CEO's to rock and pop stars as well as royalty.