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Renew You

By Donna Wells

Here's a challenge for you; find a spa and wellness story that uses no 're' words. Not a single one. It's a pointless - and fruitless - exercise, so don't bother.

Words like rejuvenate, reinvigorate, restore, replenish, recover, revitalise and so on, and so on, abound in spa and wellness media for a reason. Essentially, all of these words point to the process of renewal; replacing that which is old, tired and no longer useful with what is new, vital and life affirming. It's what our body does naturally, or is meant to do, to maintain optimal health.

Renewal is essential if sustainability is to be realised, and this applies as much to our body, mind and spirit as it does to our planet. Our bodies, just as our planet, have an innate ability to heal themselves through renewal. But as we've seen with our planet, these inherent processes can breakdown when the natural balance is disturbed or abused.

In today's stress-laden world, finding our way back to this natural balance is a challenge. Our time and energies are often consumed with getting by, leaving little room to focus on rising to our best. And worse, at a time when we most need to nurture ourselves, we can slip into habits that rob us of precious vitality. Instead of experiencing life as joyful and vibrant, we feel varying degrees of emotional turmoil, stress, heartache, disconnection and physical discomfort or disease.

Thankfully, the possibility of living a fulfilling, healthy, happy and vibrant life is real and attainable.

It was with this truth in mind that Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa was created. More than an inspiring place to renew body, mind and spirit, Kamalaya offers the opportunity to rediscover the source of your own healing potential and reconnect with your deeper self to improve the way you experience life.

There are numerous places where you can check-in and, along with your credit card, handover all responsibility for your health and wellbeing. If you choose a good one, you will probably get fantastic results. But the benefits will be short lived because somebody else took control and you simply followed instruction.

When you check into Kamalaya Koh Samui, you are renewing your commitment to your own wellbeing. How you choose to do it doesn't matter. You might decide on a Detox & Rejuvenation program to boost your body's natural processes of elimination and rediscover its ideal balance. You may sign up for Relax & Renew to revitalise your energy and replenish your spirit. It could be a yoga retreat or, if you've reached burnout stage, you might opt for Balance & Revitalise. Then again, maybe you would prefer to have a Kamalaya wellness practitioner design the ideal program, just for you.

While they may go by various names, all of the Kamalaya programs are essentially about promoting renewal on multiple levels - renewal of body, of heart, of mind and even soul. The magic of Kamalaya is that most people take away more than what they expected. Beyond the improvements in health and wellbeing, Kamalaya's synergistic blend of place, people, inspired cuisine and healing modalities seems to effortlessly and spontaneously take people to unexpected levels of self discovery and awareness.

Kamalaya's humanistic approach is refreshingly liberating. With the absence of strict controls, rigid rules and 'we know best' attitude, you are able to let go and open yourself up to a range of magnificent possibilities. What you do, and how much or little you do of it, is entirely your choice. Guidance, encouragement, advice and inspiration are always on offer but you are the driver of your experience. You discover what brings out the best in you. You treasure those discoveries and make use of them long after you leave Kamalaya, because they were your discoveries and they fit perfectly with who you are and where you want to be.

Through our innate healing potential, we can probably live up to just about every 're' word that the spa magazines can throw at is! For many of us though, our modern, fast-paced world has disconnected us from our own powerful and sustainable source of renewal. At Kamalaya, being reintroduced to that source can be a sublimely life changing experience.