Life Enhancement

Life Enhancement & Life Enrichment at Kamalaya Koh Samui

In a world that seems to have an abundance of gadgets and technologies that are meant to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, people appear to be feeling more dissatisfied, disconnected, disillusioned and distracted. Feelings of happiness, joy and fulfilment are either fleeting or completely elusive. Many people seem to be so consumed with saving time that they neglect to spend it.

At Kamalaya, the focus is on providing an enriching and life-enhancing environment that can be a catalyst for personal growth, transformation and optimal wellbeing. An environment that doesn't replace "this' with "that, but instead helps to reconnect you to your own inexhaustible pool of wisdom and inspiration for leading a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.

In Kamalaya's nurturing embrace, you can discover the richness and depth of your own potential.

"It could be visited as simply a hotel in a luscious exquisite environment, a remarkable blend of indoors and outdoors. I felt nourished by the remarkable beauty at every turn with giant boulders, even in the buildings, dozens of pools and waterfalls, beautifully appointed rooms, wonderful service and outstanding 'healthy' food, on a stunningly gorgeous primordial beach. The potpourri of healing modalities to choose from is formidable and the guidance from the Wellness Director and staff was outstanding. My business is in the healing arts and I can attest to the fact that the quality of the services for therapies is with the best I have experienced in the world. For those who wish only a holiday setting, the facilities and classes for yoga, weight training, Pilates, Qi gong, tai chi and meditation are worth the visitalone. All this plus possibilities for swimming, rock climbing, sailing, snorkeling, hiking and mountain biking. It opened my soul to creativity and love."
Guest, Jacqueline Bayne from Vancouver.

Life Enhancement

Kamalaya's team of Life Enhancement Practitioners and Personal Mentors can help to create this space of openness, awareness and understanding, with one-on-one sessions that help to address immediate and long-term growth needs.