Meetings and Workshop Facilities

Retreats, Meetings and Workshop Facilities

As well as catering to our individual guests, Kamalaya also welcomes group events, workshops, meetings and retreats. If you are interested in finding out how we can meet your special event needs, please contact asm(at)

Yantra Hall
Overlooking the sea, and encircled by majestic granite boulders and lotus ponds, the Yantra Hall was conceived as an inspiring venue for special retreats and events.

Accommodating up to 100 guests, the Yantra Hall is equipped with advanced audiovisual and recording facilities. It includes a luminous central meeting room with skylight and full-length windows, designed on principles of sacred geometry. A smaller room adjacent is ideal for screenings and multimedia presentations. Microphones, a sound room and engineer are all available for assisting you with presenting and documenting your retreat.

Yantras are meditative geometrical diagrams; the Yantra Hall's design is based on the Sri Yantra, an ancient Asian symbol of creation.

·  Mandala Room + Video Room: 189 sqm; 100 person capacity
·  Mandala Room: 120 sqm; 70 person capacity
·  Video Room: 69 sqm; 30 person capacity

Yoga Pavilion
The Hilltop Yoga Pavilion is perched atop Koh Samui's rugged coastline. This open-air, natural wood-floored space is perfect for yoga practice and for fostering a connection with nature. Nestled amidst giant, granite boulders and trees, the Yoga Pavilion draws in all elements of nature, offering a stunning panorama of the sea and outlying islands and mountains, and the perfect sunset view. Its capacity for yoga classes is 30.

Prana Sala
The open-air, natural wood-floored Yoga Sala is nestled above the Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa. It offers spectacular sunset views and a meditative sanctuary.

Art Gallery
The Kamalaya Art Gallery makes an inspiring venue for small and intimate events and meetings.

Hillside Rooms
Specially designed to cater for retreats, the Hillside Rooms are nestled amongst boulders and tropical vegetation, only a few minutes away from the Prana Sala, Yoga Pavilion, and Yantra Hall, and offer inspiring views of forest and sea.