"RELEASING" with Wayne Walker

"Release the Past to Open Your Heart and Be Present.

Are you really present, here and now? Or are you simply repeating behavior, thoughts and feelings from the past? RELEASING is a powerful technique to let go of mental and emotional baggage so we can easily access our natural state of deep peace and love and be more present. RELEASING sessions are two hours and do not require any touching of the physical body. Wayne is divinely guided which makes RELEASING a gentle yet very powerful healing technique.

During a session, Wayne combines the RELEASING techniques with his clairvoyant, channeling and healing gifts to assist people identifying mental, emotional and energetic blocks and release them.

RELEASING addresses unresolved issues from childhood, relationship problems, addictions, grief, abuse, anxiety, depression, past lifetimes and more, giving us a clearer perspective of the past and a deeper sense of peace and overall wellbeing in the present.

Wayne is a spiritual healer and channel from New Zealand. He started Releasing in 1999, after years of meditation and spiritual searching. He lives on Koh Samui and has been working at Kamalaya since 2008. Before living in Thailand, Wayne lived and practiced RELEASING in India in an Ashram village for seven years. His goal is to help people to let go of their mental and emotional pain and negative patterns and open their hearts to experience more love, better relationships and peace of mind. His approach is very loving, gentle and non-judgmental.