Reiki with Ronan Cullen

Ronan’s healing hands can help to balance a person’s mind, body, and spirit using the ancient healing system of Reiki. Dedicated to the practice of Reiki, his is a powerful experience of relaxation through the transfer of his positive and dynamic energy. Ronan has dedicated himself to Reiki since his first introduction in 2006. Since then he has given Reiki healing sessions to countless numbers of clients and  also has enjoyed giving himself Reiki every day, sometimes for many hours, such is the relaxation it brings. Because of this devotion to Reiki, Ronan’s energy is strong where he has built this energy up over this time – clients have described his energy as powerful and masculine. His hands have been likened to two hot irons  which is so important in energy transfer – the hotter the hands the stronger the energy, the deeper the relaxation and healing. Many clients sleep during the session as they are made to  feel so relaxed and upon awakening feel refreshed and energized. Receiving one hour of Reiki can have the physiological effect of up to four hours sleep. Many of Ronan’s clients like to receive Reiki while detoxing as it speeds up the body’s ability to heal itself by bringing the person back into a state of balance
Originally from Dublin, Ireland,  Ronan is a Reiki  Master. He has found offering Reiki treatments to be personally rewarding and this has affected him more positively in both the way he lives and perceives life.  Ronan  has been living on Koh Samui since 2006 where he continues to offer  Reiki as an enjoyable and relaxing experience.