Tom Kha Pak

Healthy Cooking with Kamalaya

1 Portion

Coconut milk, 300 ml
Carrot, 15 g
Broccoli, 15 g
Cauliflower, 15 g
Snow Peas, 15 g
Asparagus green, 15 g
Galangal, 5 g
Kaffir lime leaf, 2 g
Lemon grass, 5 g
Cherry tomatoes, 15 g
Straw Mushroom, 50 g
Fish sauce, 10 ml
Lime juice, 10 ml
Coriander leaf for garnish, 1 g
Chili oil, 1 g


  • First blanch all the vegetables in boiling water al’ dente and cool it off in ice water to keep the color and texture.
  • Heat up the sauce pan with the coconut mix until it’s lightly simmering.
  • Add the spices, fish sauce and palm sugar and adjust the taste.
  • Next put the tomato, straw mushroom and vegetable in to the soup.
  • Cook for another minute (don’t overcook, it would overcook the vegetable).
  • Serve in a small bowl, garnish with coriander leaf & chili oil.