Listening Hands and Hearts with Richard Wickes B.Sc., HP (Naturopath Ger.)

1st - 14th October 2019

Remedial Restorative Massage
This medical grade massage follows classical deep tissue massage as a basic structure which is a focused manual lifting, stretching and stroking the major muscle groups of the body. However it is guided by Richard’s deeper knowledge of the body its anatomy; how tissues respond to sickness and fatigue. Richard has deepened his knowledge of massage with powerful myofascial and neurofascial techniques. This treatment is focused on the muscle groups which are tense or fatigued in order to stimulate the muscles to flush with circulation and thus improving circulation and reducing recovery time from muscle ache. In certain cases functional massage can be done which combines movements which engage muscles to facilitate stretching while gently massaging. It is gently intelligently strong guided by the reaction and intelligence of the body. The medical licensing to do this massage takes a minimum 3200 hours of professional training.

Integrated Fascia Restructuring Therapy
This is a soft-tissue based manual restructuring therapy. In a non-quick fix approach this therapy looks towards releasing the internal structures of the body which hold surface restrictions. Using a comprehensive evaluation of the joints and internal structures a priority is set to allow maximal restructuring.

During the treatment you can expect:
- An approach chronic hard to treat Problems, problems such as stomach issues, reflux, constipation, period pain etc.
- Explanation of the fascia system and interconnected fascia planes.
- Treatment of the major problem and connected organs, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels.
- Instructions on post treatment activity to support the treatment.
- Post treatment a two week period when the body starts internally restructure to unfold and heal.

Energy Healing Consultation
Sometimes the body is suffering but there are issues which lie deeper in the energetic area. This can be inherited hidden attitudes and emotions, past traumas which are still activating the subconscious mind as if they are still present.

On the basis of NLP, Kinesiology, Yuen Method, Wickes Way and Emotional Grammar a detailed analysis is made using intuition and muscle testing. Sometimes the effects are more spectacular than ever expected and long lasting.

The issues which can be dealt this can be:
- Planning future events - balancing the energy in advance.
- Chronic and Serious illness healing facilitation
- Clearing blocks to success and relationships

Wu Style Tai Chi Classes:
Wu style is one of the traditional Tai Chi styles which have recently been called by Harvard Health publishing as “moving medication”. As a healer it is especially important to have clear mind and energy. Tai Chi is ideal to focus and clear the minds while improving circulation, flexibility, and stamina. There are many famous stories about the healing capacity of Tai Chi and so quite often the practical martial and philosophical meanings are overlooked. Tai Chi was taught to the Manchurian imperial bodyguards who might be considered the crack troops, who practiced the principles with sword, spear and saber as well as empty handed.

Richard Biography
Grandmaster Richard Wickes is a German licensed massage therapist and professionally trained as a Naturopath and Psychology graduate. He specializes in holistic techniques; which view the body mind spirit as a union. His background further includes certifications in Fascia Therapy oriented in muscular therapy, Fascia neural Therapy, Fascia Digestion Therapy, Fascia Reproductive therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and emotional release. Further Richard Wickes is a certified Craniosacral Therapist, Myofascial Release Therapist and a Yuen method master.
Richard is a Grandmaster of Chinese martial arts. His approach is more about the philosophical and life lessons which are present in these meditative self-developmental arts. He has been a practitioner for over 35 years and a teacher over 20 years. He currently focuses on Wu Style Tai Chi and teaching bodywork and energy coaching.