Radical Gentleness for wholeness with Richard Wickes

Release the tensions of a life you live on so many levels. The physical demands, mental, emotional and energetic demands need to be untangled and reconnected to help you connect back to the true you. Sometimes it's negative self talk causing and pain in the neck, sometimes a relationship with unresolved emotions is causing constipation. Sometimes remnants from physical injuries or operations. Each of these things is like a hole in your bucket of energy, so you are always leaking and not living up to your full potential. When these are addressed you can detox yourself and regain energy.

Richard's treatment is an integrated approach to treat the whole body by using the communicative property of the fascia to tell where the suffering is coming from. This means listening to the body and it's messages. This therapy is a combination of Craniosacral Osteopathy, Barral Institute post-graduate Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial Release Therapy and Barral Institute listening Techniques.

Fundamentally, Life is Flow and sickness is when Flow is blocked. This is a truth which has physical energetic and mental levels. In an atmosphere of Loving Understanding Kindness Richard Wickes work on the body mind energy levels.
People who have physically:
•  Neck pain and chronic shoulder tightness
•  Lower back pain and chronic shoulder tightness
•  Knee hip and foot pain without any trauma to the knee foot or hip.

At the root of all sickness is a kind of stagnation or lack of flow. It is possible to activate the unlimited resources of Love and Gentleness to facilitate an inner healing, to activate a greater intelligence and lead to a greater wisdom. This needs to consider the wholeness of the body mind spirit connection.

About Richard:
Richard is a licensed Natural Physician in Germany called a Heilpraktiker. He is also a Kung Fu and Taiji Master. He works as an International Trainer and healer in Asia. He is also a Certified Fascia Release Therapist, Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist, Certified Yuen Mastery Practitioner, Barral Institute Teaching Assistant. He bring many years of experience in each field to make him a rounded therapist.