Intuitive Personal Readings, Healing and Channeling With Anna Hughes

We're very pleased to welcome back Anna to Kamalaya to use her abilities as a master healer, intuitive mentor and spiritual teacher to help us navigate our own inner selves. Her work encompasses a wide spectrum of spiritual energy and working together with each One's natural desire for trusted change, she offers safe harbor of shared confidence in making decisions both personal and professional, using her unique vision to give answers, insights and context to life situations and purpose.

Personal Sessions with Anna
Anna is known for the accuracy of her intuitive readings, using these with great humor to mentor individuals and inspire each to heal responsibly, quickly and often permanently. Typical sessions start with her intuitively scanning the body for energy blockages, assisting each to come to the clarity of their own truth and inner wisdom. Her skill at putting different context onto situations leads each to speedily resolve conflict within themselves and with others, whether it is about personal situations, family, social and business relationships and/or business situations, and move beyond fear and self-limitation to make new, often more-dynamic choices.

Some example questions asked during personal sessions
•  Who am I and what is my life purpose?
•  I would like to manage my feelings of stress in making all the "right' decisions?
•  I have [x] disease/chronic pain. How can I manage/heal it for myself?
•  My marriage/job is challenging or on the rocks and I'd like to work towards healing/enhancing/growing it.
•  My son/daughter seems lost, how can I assist them find their way again?
•  I would like to know my life path/journey/that my company for the next [x] years

Personal Channeling sessions
Full trance channeling is highly specialized work when the channel gives over his/her consciousness to be used as a conduit of information from higher intelligences, spiritual masters and teachers. The most famous channels in ancient history were the priestesses at the Temple of Delphi, Greece, known as The Oracle although priestesses in other temples in the ancient world also served in this way, many to kings and world leaders too. Anna is channel to the wise and wonderful Being known as The Nazareine. Through her He gives insights on business, personal and past life situations, always with humour and very much love, assisting us to return to a state of joy, love and great inner peace.
Anna was born and raised in Hong Kong of Chinese-Welsh parentage. Growing up in multi-cultural Hong Kong gave her an instinctive feel for different peoples and a lifelong deep interest in socio-cultural anthropology, women's empowerment and ethnic spirituality which she has now combined and dedicated towards her life's work. A former financial services communication specialist, she has worked for many blue-chip companies in more than 40 countries in the past 35 years. She has also been a Hong Kong representative sportswoman, squad captain & administrator. She is married to Ken Hughes, an investment consultant and former banker. They now live in Cyprus and have two children. Fifteen years ago, she was diagnosed with stage two cancer of the breast. It was to be a life-defining moment for her as she re-evaluated her life, unhooked from other people's beliefs about the dis-ease - and set about empowering herself with her own healing. In Cyprus, after brief stints working in London and around Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, she devoted herself to work as a healer and spiritual teacher, achieving remarkable results relieving the suffering of her clients worldwide.

Anna is founder and head of Ultimate Woman and OneTouch Inspiration, organizations devoted to connecting those seeking self-determination, purpose and fulfillment through love and laughter. Its philosophy of the power of unconditional love as the energy of creation adapts ancient wisdom to modern-day life situations. Through OneTouch Inspiration, Anna brings people together to promote the message that by exploring ourselves and the deeper, inner meaning of Life and All That Is, we can individually bring about profound social change.

For further information and bookings please contact the Wellness Reception or call ext. 1700