Quantum Emotional & Physical Release

Quantum Emotional & Physical Release (QEPR) With Paul Emery

18th - 29th January, 2013
Winner AsiaSpa Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010

Please join us in welcoming Paul Emery to Kamalaya with his thirty years of combined knowledge in cutting edge therapies and his own innovative style, Quantum Emotional Physical Release therapy. Adapted over time, QEPR therapy is a means where by a practitioner can perform a series of painless and easy techniques to alleviate numerous emotionally orientated symptoms born from our busy lifestyles. For this limited time, Paul will be here to guide us in these methods to transform the roots of our fears and harmful habits into confidence, tranquillity and health.

The award winning methods of QEPR have been used to treat many thousands from soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder to anxiety ridden CEO's. From simply wanting to conquer your fear of public speaking or triumphing over nervousness, QEPR can help by changing the body's energy to enable positivity to be infused into our decision to change. This diverse system can even be used to check for food intolerances and cure all sorts of physical discomfort like chronic neck tension.

Core Foundation
The core foundation of QEPR is based on the ancient Chinese principles of the Meridian Energy System as used in acupuncture, updated however by "tapping' specific upper body acupressure points, proven to quickly yet permanently clear many emotional problems plus various physical complications. QEPR also relies upon the ground-breaking psychological techniques of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Over the past 30 years Paul has developed these systems through his own innovations to bring to us his own unique style of therapy.

Tailored QEPR consultations are designed to help with the following:

Emotional Imbalances: Stress ∙ anxiety ∙ fears ∙ phobias ∙ depression ∙ love pain ∙ anger ∙ panic ∙ sadness ∙ grief ∙ frustration ∙ worry ∙ trauma

Dependency: Cravings ∙ uncontrollable eating ∙ hunger pains ∙ quitting smoking ∙ weight loss ∙ detox

Acute Physical Problems: Headaches ∙ migraine ∙ stiff or tense neck and shoulders ∙ chronic muscular aches and pains  

Toxicity Testing: Kinesiology muscle testing for food/environmental toxicity, plus other sensitivities

Stress Testing: Bio-feedback computer stress test to improve mind and body reactions

One to two consultations are all that are usually required for a specific problem, however if needed you will also be shown simple techniques for home use.

One of Pauls own developments, Emergizes is a unique and powerful combination of ancient and modern light exercises, self-acupressure and Energy Medicine. Using gentle stimulation of the muscular and nervous systems, Emergizes stimulates the Meridian energy of the body to help relieve stress, tension and muscular aches whilst improving the body's immunity, circulation, internal health and energy flow.

Paul's ability to empathize with his clients comes from his own experience of suffering from acute social phobia at a young age. Wanting to alleviate his condition he tried to find the answers in researching psychology books. Psychology soon became his passion and after many years and a multitude of life changing experiences Paul studied a course in counseling at university. Wanting to further his knowledge he then went on to train in numerous ground breaking techniques in the field of psychology, energy work and emotional advancement. This amalgamation of experience, hard work and research has led him today to be an internationally renowned therapist who has helped many people from all walks of life. These include doctors, actors, musicians and royalty. He has appeared on international television programs such as, "Ender Sarac' show and Australia's hit TV series "Celebrity Overhaul'. Also appearing in many magazines and newspapers including the Financial Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Harpers and working at some of the world's top resorts from Thailand to Turkey.