“Playing with Art” with Olga Polunin

11th – 16th October, 2020The left side of the brain, which is the dominant side, is more focused on logical, practical problem solving, while the right side is more to do with emotions as well as spacial and intuitive matters. Through these classes, I’d like to stimulate the creative right hemisphere with tasks tailored specially to arouse this more artistic side, that this creativity and intuition can also be awakened in activities and daily life.

Drawing is a skill that can be learned. Through these workshops we teach the right side of the brain how to emerge and claim its place as the natural artist that it is.

About: Olga Polunin is a painter of Russian-English and Hakka Chinese descent, living between Brussels and Singapore. Inspired by Asian art as well as European masters, and in particular by religious art, she has developed an artistic expression that pays tribute to both her European and Chinese heritage, where nudes display innocence mixed with sensuality and desire, linking family and universal values. Her work recalls paintings of ancient goddesses and deities, breathing into them a contemporary and timeless quality.