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Nia White Belt Retreat Training

What is Nia?
Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Nia's barefoot, grounded approach maximizes body efficiency and teaches you to consciously move in gentler ways, classes are taken to soul-stirring music in more than 48 countries. Trainings are designed for those seeking personal enrichment and professional development.

Nia is energetically textured with the brilliance of Eastern & Western movements. The stillness of Yoga, the power of Martial Arts and the grace and spontaneity of Modern & Ethnic Dance. Subtle therapeutic suggestions and visualizations help you develop awareness and heighten sensation. Nia turns your workout into body work, making comfort, pleasure, joy and passion a priority. Subtle therapeutic suggestions and visualizations help you develop awareness and heighten sensation. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities. Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live.

The White Belt Training truly is somatic education for everyone. You don't need to have done any Nia, you don't need to want to teach. You need only the desire to cultivate more love, joy in the body and in your life. This will be the first ever Nia Training in Thailand. Be part of making Nia history and immerse yourself in the magic that is Kamalaya.

White Belt ~ Focus: Physical Sensation

Intent: To embody the foundation of Nia
Dates: 25th - 31st October 2013
The Nia White Belt Training is the first level of a five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. If you have a desire to share Nia in a professional capacity, the White Belt Training is your entryway into teaching. Those who choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment use this training as a starting point for becoming a master student. Everybody is invited to step into this Training, whether you have experience Nia before or not.

Blue Belt ~ Focus: Communication, Relationship and Intimacy

Intent: To energize personal connection through self-discovery and communication by following The Body's Way
Dates: 1st - 7th November 2013

The Blue Belt, is the second level of Nia education and explores how to create healthy relationships through body-centered communication. This intensive training introduces the next set of 13 Nia principles, which focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of the body. While the White Belt curriculum focuses entirely on awareness of physical sensation, Blue Belt applies these skills to explore internal sensations as perceived through – but distinct from – physical sensations in the body. This will be the first ever Blue Belt Training held in Asia!

About Helen Terry:
Helen Terry is a Renowned International Nia White, Green, and Blue Belt Master Trainer, she has been teaching Nia since 1993 and a trainer since 1998. Helen holds a B.Ed (hons) in Physical Education and Special Needs, from the Chelsea School of Human Movement, UK and M.Ed in Exercise Physiology and Human Performance, University of Houston. Helen is an international fitness and wellness presenter (UK, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand). She has been featured at over 30 Fitness/Wellness conventions, including IDEA. Helen is a Dance Therapy Specialist (Authentic Movement) and a Certified Body Ecologist. Helen is the founder, and co owner of Studio NiaMoves Houston, a successful body-mind studio. Helen, and her husband Joe, have created an amazing Nia retreat center "Soma Ranch" in Montgomery Texas. A full service, residential international training facility for Nia trainings, workshops, retreats and more.

For more details on the Nia Retreat Training Package & how to register : Please contact: Tracey Fenner ~ Certified Nia Black Belt Instructor

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