Kamalaya Introduces New Fitness Program and State-of-the-Art Facilities

Koh Samui, Thailand. In the year of its tenth anniversary, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa has enhanced its fitness offering with a state-of-the-art modern fitness centre, 25 meter lap pool and a new fitness program. Like all of Kamalaya's other 12 wellness programs, the "Comprehensive Optimal Fitness" program follows a holistic approach integrating personal fitness training, yoga and stretching as well as nutritional guidance, emotional and mental support complemented by carefully selected wellness treatments. The fitness centre and lap pool are located at the highest point of the resort with stunning panoramic views over the Gulf of Thailand.

With a larger fitness team and the new fitness centre housing an array of the latest equipment for cardio, resistance, strengthening, weight, Pilates and TRX training, Kamalaya is now taking its fitness experiences to the top level. In addition to the very successful "Optimal Fitness" program, a new, more comprehensive fitness program will be introduced shortly. "Comprehensive Optimal Fitness" is the ideal program for regular exercisers who wish to develop their workouts while also seeking support in finding a balance between tough exercise, relaxation techniques and stretching, optimum nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Starting off with a holistic fitness evaluation and focusing on personal training as well as individual yoga, stretching and aqua classes, Kamalaya's team of fitness and wellness experts can address specific fitness goals and areas to suit individual needs. As well as the core daily training sessions which are spread across seven and ten night program durations, "Comprehensive Optimal Fitness" includes personal mentoring and meditation with one of Kamalaya's Meditation & Life Enhancement Mentors and nutritional assistance by a naturopath, all giving guidance on how to incorporate fitness routines into the individual's lifestyles in a sustainable and healthy way. Daily sessions in the Far Infrared Sauna and specific wellness treatments such as Asian Foot and Hand Massage, Ayurvedic and Thai Massage have been designed to work synergistically with physical exercise, soothing and relaxing the body after training.

Karina Stewart, co-founder of Kamalaya and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine says, "Physical activity is foundational for our overall health, vitally and wellbeing. In addition to maintaining an active metabolism, it is essential for circulation and cardiovascular health, transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and brain, as well as ensuring efficient elimination of waste, all of which are essential to our health and longevity. While our fitness level is pivotal for physical health, it also has a positive impact on our emotional health, mental clarity and ability to focus. Studies show that regular exercise significantly improves our moods, our ability to learn and retain information, as well as the health of our brains as we age. Exercise has even been found to be a highly effective treatment for some types of depression."

Stewart goes on to say: "We evolved from a lifestyle that was very active as hunters and gatherers. However, our contemporary lifestyle has become extremely sedentary so we now have to consciously make an effort to integrate physical activity and exercise into our daily routines in order to maintain vibrant health. Our new fitness program will support guests to do this in a sustainable and most beneficial way."

With the introduction of new group classes such as aqua yoga, all Kamalaya guests can now also choose from a wider variety of holistic fitness activities. Daily options include various styles of yoga suitable for different levels of experience, Pilates, meditation, Pranayama, Thai Chi, Qi Gong, Fitball, Stretching, Suspension Exercises, Aqua Aerobics and more.

With the new fitness centre Kamalaya has also added sixteen new superior suites with more space and amazing views. The new suite building comprises three levels of Superior Suites with Sea View, one Garden Pool Suite and two Penthouse Pool Suites on the top floor. All the new facilities were brought to life by the original team of architects and designers who were involved in the creation of Kamalaya in 2005. All these developments remain in line with Kamalaya's original vision, ensuring that the essence of Kamalaya and the guest experience are enhanced rather than changed. "Since the beginning Karina and I have always dreamt of a large swimming pool and gym overlooking the sea, ensuring we offer the best wellness experience to our guests", says Kamalaya co-founder John Stewart and continues: "We are extremely grateful and happy that in the year of our tenth anniversary this dream has become reality."

Kamalaya is located amid a lush, tropical landscape on the southern coast of Koh Samui, Thailand. Founded by John and Karina Stewart in 2005, the resort offers a holistic wellness experience that integrates healing therapies from East and West, a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine, holistic fitness practices and customised wellness programs ranging from Detoxification to Stress & Burnout, as well as Healthy Lifestyle, Yoga Synergy and Emotional Balance.

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