Healing power of nature

The Healing Power of Nature

Natural Healing with Natural Environment

Kamalaya's natural environment, an inspiring palate of sights, sounds, aromas and textures, empowers and amplifies the healing experience.

Kamalaya was carefully designed to embrace the diverse elements of the very special piece of land on which it rests. This considered approach went beyond maintaining the integrity of the land; Kamalaya was created so that the various elemental themes were available to nourish and inspire you. Within Kamalaya, there are different landscapes – sea, earth, streams, ponds, open skies, bouldered hilltops – so you can find your own place of comfort; a place that resonates with an energy that nurtures and reconnects you with nature through all of your senses.
"Kamalaya gave me a life changing experience. There’s something so special about the place and people that truly helps you change from within to be better in all aspects, mental and health wise"
Rania Fahmy, January 2017

"This place is magical. The vibe, the staff, surrounding, landscape is just amazing. Good energy in every little inch. Thank you Kamalaya for having me feel this beauty."
Christina Braun, February 2017

Environmental Initiatives

  • The architectural brief for Kamalaya centered on the importance of preserving as much of the natural environment as possible.
  • Environmental care extended to the transplanting of over 150 trees, which were relocated one by one to a nearby nursery until construction was finished and they could be brought 'home' to Kamalaya.
  • All bathroom amenities use 100% natural ingredients.
  • Use of eco-friendly detergents.
  • Sustainable use of resources is actively encouraged, and accommodations have been designed to allow the natural air flow to minimise the use of air conditioning.
  • Informing guests of ways to conserve energy and water A special hosts committee has been formed to research, develop and implement environmental initiatives.
  • Water is recycled and dispersed back in the gardens. Organic waste is used for composting We use environmentally friendly termite control.