Rolfing with Anna Collins

Anna has several years of experience with Rolfing and was trained by Dr Rolf’s protégés in the USA. She has been associated with number of wellness places around the world and has many famous clients.

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration (otherwise known by its moniker, ‘Rolfing’) is a one-on-one manual therapy, designed to encourage the body to find its optimum structure, in order to make it as functionally efficient as possible. It is a unique series of sessions, each having its own plan and purpose, which builds upon the last, until the cumulative effect of complete integration is achieved. The aim is to give the body the space and freedom it requires to allow you to move with more ease and less pain.

Working on the whole structure, rather than focusing on just the ‘sore spot’, addresses the entire fascial network, which helps to deliver a holistic, long-term solution. Often the source of pain is not where you think it is: everything, as in life, is connected, so if there is a problem in one area, there will be a knock-on effect elsewhere. By looking at the relationship between body parts, Rolfers can see where things are stuck, and then work with the fascia to free it. Energy (gravity) can then follow the path of least resistance through the body, and it becomes an energising, rather than a depleting, force.

Whilst most people choose to embark on their Rolfing Structural Integration journey due to a physical complaint, often they discover that it can have positive effects on their emotional, mental and spiritual bodies too. As we release tension in the physical tissue, the cells can also release memories of other traumas that were stored at a time of mental or emotional distress. Although most of us are unable to see these energy bodies, they are very much affected by the work, and can bring about profound changes. Clients have experienced feeling brighter, more open, more grounded, and even having more self-confidence.

Some of the physical benefits include, but are not limited to: better posture, easier breathing, increased flexibility and co-ordination, better athletic performance, feeling lighter and slimmer, becoming more balanced and energized, as well as experiencing significant pain reduction or elimination. Most people will gain a little extra height and some can even lose a little bit of weight. It can also help you to meditate deeper for longer periods of time without as much fidgeting!